As Thousands March Against #Monsanto Worldwide, Nigeria Gives Farmers Their Seeds


More than 400 simultaneous demonstrations around the world are voicing fury at US biotech leviathan Monsanto, which is facing a hostile takeover from German pharmaceuticals company Bayer, RT reports.

“The whole world hates Monsanto!” read the banners among a throng in Paris, marching to the sound of a drum band.

This is happening as Nigeria just announced that it was accepting three varieties of Monsanto engineered maize seeds to be given to farmers.

Mr Kehinde Johnson, leader of Monsanto GMO big corp in Nigeria, Monsanto Agriculture Nigeria Limited  last week announced that  three “high yielding conventional maize hybrids” were registered and to be sold to cripple farmers and destroy the land.

The world meanwhile is rejecting Monsanto and other engineered organisms with Russia promising to lead the world as its top organic food producer.