At Least 50 Die Across Nigeria Celebrating Buhari Victory


More deaths reported across Nigeria in celebration of the victory of General Muhammad Buhari as Nigeria’s next president.

At least 50 deaths have been reported so far 3 have been reported in Adamawa, 3 in Jos, 8 in Sokoto and many in Kano.

This is an image of a motorcycle accident in Kaduna during the excessive celebrations. Stunts and accidents like this are part of what is leading to the deaths. People should celebrate responsibly.

Accident in Kaduna celebration
Accident in Kaduna celebration

Our Earlier Report: Many Die in Kano

by Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Dambatta

Information available indicate that many people engaged in celebrating Buhari’s victory lost their lives in celebrating the victory of Buhari in kano.

The incidents occurred in different part of kano state,further findings indicates that many were taken to murtala muhd general hospital,others were taken to other various hospitals within kano state.

Many of the victims were either hit by a moving vehicles making stunt displays or lost their footing while watching the activities.