#Atheism Growing Among Educated Muslim Youths of Northern Nigeria

#Atheism is growing among the educated Youths of Northern Nigeria. These youths are doubting the existence of God & the day of judgement.

These youths were born into #Wahhabism, the wicked distortion of Islam and its universal message by bloodthirsty Arab savages of Najd.

These youths were presented with the “#Islam” that inspired murderous terrorism, celebrate inhuman killings of the innocent and spread hate.

These youths were presented with the “Islam” that is inferior to science. Dogmatic Islam that hate questions, research & positive reasoning.

The Islam that inspired the great men and women of history was not presented to these youths. They saw their scholars celebrating terrorism.

#Islam is knowledge not ignorance, Islam is love not hate, Islam is humanity not evil murderous terrorism, Islam is progress not destruction.

Atheist: “I can not believe in what I can’t see”.
Elbinawi: “Do you believe in electric current?
Atheist: yes.
Elbinawi: “can you see it?
Atheist: Silent