#BagaHolocaust: President Buhari Expresses Outrage Over Latest Boko Haram Attack On Baga

General Muhammadu Buhari

APC presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari has advised the
federal government to introduce more proactive and effective security
strategies to contain the menace of terrorism in the country.

Reacting to the latest terrorist attack on Baga in Borno State in which
hundreds of people (some say thousands) were killed, the APC
presidential candidate said in a statement in Enugu on Saturday that it
was high time the Federal government reviewed its counter-terrorism

He explained that he was embarrassed by the fact that Nigeria has now
become sitting duck to terrorist attacks, which occur almost daily.

General Buhari regretted the fact that the poor victims of these
frequent terrorist attacks have been abandoned to their fate.

According to him, the security, welfare and the happiness of the
citizens is the basic function of any government, adding that a
situation where the citizens are helplessly living with the spectre of
terrorist attacks contradicts these basic functions.

Buhari said in his own words “on our way back from campaigning in two
states in South Eastern Nigeria, we were informed of the unspeakable
massacre that took place in Baga earlier Thursday. “I have since called
Governor Shettima to express my sympathies over the dastardly incident.
He has promised to appraise me of the evolving situation”.

“Our hearts go out to the families who have lost their loved ones in
this horrific, cowardly manner. Just a few days ago, whilst campaigning
in Bayelsa State, I made my views on the insecurity that has plagued our
country clear. I repeat, Allahu Akbar, means ‘God is Great’. So people
who go around slaughtering their fellow menfolk and womenfolk clearly
don’t know what they are saying or don’t believe it. No true religion
subscribes to the wanton killing of the innocent. Islam is not a violent
religion and it is devastating that people whose hearts are full of hate
continue to claim to be Muslims”.

“I make bold to say this: Nigeria has become a place where people no
longer feel safe, where the armed forces have neither the weapons nor
the government support required to do an effective job of protecting
Nigerian citizens and their property. As a trained military man and
administrator, come May 2015, the safety of each and every Nigerian life
will be a priority. This scourge, this season of death must be brought
to a complete stop. I sincerely believe that Nigerians deserve better
than this”.

“Again, we pray for the souls of the dearly departed, and sympathize
with those whose lives will now never be the same.”

He noted that the strategy of waiting to be attacked by the terrorists
before attempting to repel them is not working.

“What is wrong in taking the war to the terrorist’s camp before they
even organize and attack?” the retired General and presidential
candidate asked.

According to him, disorganizing, disrupting and destroying their
infrastructures was an essential strategy to weaken the terrorists.

While condoling the victims of the latest terrorist attacks on Baga, the
APC presidential flagbearer said the Jonathan government must reassure
Nigerians that they are safe.