Bala Lau, Please Update Your Izala Followers And Start Retrieving Their Wahhabi/Salafi Extremist Books As Saudi Ordered

Buhari with radical Izala clerick Bala Lau


We are pleased to write Izala Wahhabi Nigeria group leader, Bala Lau about the new developments from Saudi Arabia which we are sure he is aware of.

Buhari with extremist Izala sect leader Bala Lau

Under the anti-terrorism leadership of Donald Trump, the US and Saudi Arabia have established a joint office in Riyadh to curb radical islamic terrorism across the world.

Under that office, as US State Secretary Rex Wayne Tillerson announced in the video clip below, all extremist Wahhabi and Salafi Islamic text that has been propagated around the world by Saudi Arabia is to be collected and new text purged of these deadly extremist views is to be produced ad distributed to recipient nations.

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It is no news that Wahhabi/Salafi extremist doctrine as selected and composed since Abdul Wahhabi, has been behind the deadly hate and radical terrorism around the globe. Indeed 96% of all Islamic terrorist groups are under Wahhabi/Salafi extremist ideology.

NewsRescue is against all sects to divide Islam, including Wahhabi, Salafi, Sunnite sect and Shiite sects. We believe strongly that all sects are wrong in Islam, but some sects are more deadly than others. The world today recognizes that Wahhabi and Salafi ideology within Sunnites sect Islam is responsible for radicalism and under the Trump initiative, Saudi Arabia has pledged to purge the world of this  hateful doctrine. We are happy that a census found that 42% of Nigerian Muslims reject sects and only call themselves “Muslim” as was ordained.

Bala Lau is encouraged to use his Manara TV and coverage of Izala Imams across the nation to broadcast this update far and wide and advice all his followers to stop reading all text that may be poisonous. They should keep to Quran and incontrovertible narrations for now till Saudi Arabia prints and distributes the new curriculum for Islamic learning.

What is scary is that while in today’s world with rapid spread of information, we found out that the US is working along with Saudi Arabia to create a new curriculum for Sunnite Islam, what about in the past? Similarly the initial radical curriculum that Saudi Arabia used its billions of petrodollars to propagate around the world was also evidently created in partnership with the West. We have provided the account in a past article of a US project which made the radical textbooks for the Mujahideen to inspire Afghanistan children to become terrorists against the Russian army during the US-Russia proxy war.

Afghanistan radical textbooks made by USA

Every Muslim is advised to stop being blind followers and to be skeptical and always confirm what they are handed by crosschecking with the Holy Quran so as not to be mislead again as apparently happened. The lives taken due to this radical indoctrination can never be replaced, nor can the damage to the reputation of Islam.

Extremist hoodlum terrorists chartered by El-Rufai government and transported in police vehicles to massacre Nigerians