On The Banning of Mass Wedding In Kano, Open Letter To Inspector General of Police Ibrahim Kpotun Idris, MNI

Kano governor Ganduje


I am writing this letter to you as a concern citizen of kano about the proposed kwankwasiyya mass wedding that was scheduled on Saturday 20th day of August 2016 but was banned due to some silly and selfish reasons on the side of kano state government through the state commissioner of Police

Sir, it is unfortunate with the way your men are dragged into politics by the government of kano, the kano state government of APC has used the state police to ban such an important function because of its political interest, the reasons given by kano police command are not logical enough to have led to the banning of this vital event.

The claim  that this wedding coincided with the state government’s planned empowerment programme event slated on the same day is laughable as the kwankwasiyya stakeholders have sought the permission of the police before the state government did so, if justice is to be done, we are those that should be allowed to hold our occasion on August 20 not those that sought for permission at late hours

The state police command should have ask the government on when did they come up with this idea? How would an empowerment programme going to hold without giving forms to participant, who are the beneficiaries? When where they trained? We didn’t heard of such a programme even on radio station or on our streets.

The Minister of youths and sports that was said to be the special guest is out of the country for an official function(Rio Olympics) at Brazil and will be back latest August 25.

Sir, the Nigerian police should not be used in stopping the prophetic sunnah in a Muslim dominated state of kano, this is a breach of our constitution, breach of our rights to freedom of religion, conscience and thought. So also our right to freedom of assembly.

The police in their statement banned the two ceremonies indefinitely as security Intelligence available  revealed that some disgruntled elements are preparing to use the occasions to cause havoc in the state. Sir, who are the disgruntled elements? This will not happen, the kwankwasiyya followers are peace loving and lovers of their state, therefore will not use such an opportunity to cause havoc among themselves. How can we do this in a day of happiness to us and the kano people? It is a great day that we are marrying off 100 couples, this is in part of practicing the sunnah of our beloved Prophet.

Sir, The prime responsibility of the police is to ensure peace, tranquillity, protection of lives and property as well as maintenance of law and order,’’  if that’s the case why will you not make your men available on this day for the purpose of serving the aforementioned ? Why is the state police command of kano contradicting itself? This has been the language of your men if they wanted to frustrate an event. Why?

The kwankwasiyya mass wedding was proposed with good intention as initiated and successfully done by our leader when he was the governor of kano, The mass wedding is organised by the kwankwasiyya foundation in a bid to reduce the number of women, widowed or divorced, and left to fend for themselves and their children, nothing no more or less from this.

The police instead of stopping us because of some obvious reasons it stated should have provide us with adequate securities during the exercise, is not an excuse to stop us, is the police telling us that it cannot provide us with security because of a so called empowerment programme that was initiated with the main aim of causing an obstacle to our mass wedding? The reasons given are unsatisfiable and obviously lame  to even a lay man in kano

Sir, I am calling on your attention to stop your men from being partisan, they should not be used for political reasons by a state government not only in kano but in the entire country. Your men should dissociate and not participate in any kind of political interest as they are not meant for that, they should not choose who security protection should be given, Nigerian police should treat all individuals and organizations equally without bias, fear or favour

I hope you will call Your Men to order, this will stick to your agenda of reforming the Nigerian Police force, the confidence we have on you at helm of Nigerian police affairs cannot can no over emphasized, it is on your track record that you performed and discharged your duties excellently as kano state commissioner of police.

Best Regards,

Adnan Mukhtar Adam
Friday, 19/08/2016