Bauchi Clampdown On Free Speech: #FreeYakubuJibrin

From Optimism to Pessimism

By Adnan Mukhtar Adam

Freedom of expression is a right not a privilege, Barr Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar should free Activist Yakubu Jibrin, let the Governor knows that he is doing more harm for his government than good on the continuous detention of Yakubu Jibrin.

I don’t know when will the government of Bauchi state will guarantee people their right of freedom of expression, during the administration of Isa Yuguda it was one Abbas Faggo Ahmed whom after exposing some blunders of the government was detained and dismissed from Bauchi state civil service, this has called the attention of activists who stand by the side of Faggo across the country, journalists were also not left behind on his incarceration.

We are calling on the government of Bauchi state to free Yakubu Jibrin; Barr MA Abubakar as a professional lawyer should not be part of those denying people their right to freedom of expression, we are in democracy and also in the era of change, if not because of the SAK tsunami he could not have make it to Bauchi state government house.

We condemn the incarceration of Yakubu Jibrin by the Governor of Bauchi state, this is not the change his people voted him for, freedom of expression if properly exercised with fact is not an offence, Barr MA is one of the governors that lack focus here in the north and it seems his administration will not yield positive to the good people of Bauchi state, he failed to form a cabinet seven months after his inauguration, I don’t know where his government is heading to at all.

Bauchi state is one of the Northern states grappling with huge debts as left by his predecessor Mallam Isa Yuguda, people expect him to reduce the number of appointees by focusing only on the needed ones but unfortunately he could not, he has the highest number of Special and personal assistants on communications, one will think that is it on the area of communication or publicity that his government is only focusing or working for? Barr Abubakar has a personal assistant on communications, press secretary and also special adviser on media and communications talkless of other unnecessary appointments.

Chai! On any aspect of good governance Bauchi state is left behind, people of the state were optimistic on Barr Abubakar before his election as governor but this optimism is turning to pessimism as he is running a government that lacked focus. #FreeYakubuJibrinnow…..

Adnan Tudunwada is a youth activist based in Kano