Big Launch of “Cabal Must Go” To Save Nigeria Campaign


Nigeria is the last stop before the exit to Hell! Ask the barely surviving Northeastern victims of Boko Haram, Dasuki and the Grasscutter or the slow dying, poisoned-water drinking and poisoned-fish eating inhabitants of the Niger Delta for affirmation. 56 years after Nigeria’s independence and over 100 years since the amalgamation, progress and sanity eludes Africa’s most populated nation as animals have continued to rule men.

Today, Nigerians are desperate. The pain is unbearable; corruption is beyond bold and impunity pervades all administrations, military and civilian. All arms of government stink. “Ordinary” infrastructure and utilities including simple things like pipe-borne water are seen only in books and where provided are at the most expensive rates in the world. Nigeria is a breeding ground for terror, kidnapping, industrial human baby production and all other of the worst vices of man. Deadly poisoning and environmental pollution are endorsed by the government whose officials and their kin fly abroad to treat their headaches. The list of afflictions is infinite.

However, while the problems appear limitless, the reason why Nigeria carries last in every measure of development is actually straightforward: it’s thanks to the ravenous cabal. Since its inception, Nigeria has been in the hands of a singular Homo Sapiens-like cabal who have remained the stubborn clog in the nation’s wheel. They will never allow government services and agencies work because they make a killing when they don’t. They sabotage the nation’s refineries to make money from the fuel subsidy scam or FOREX scam, and from their personal ambitions to control all refinement of oil in the nation. They encourage insecurity by looting billions for the provision of it while driving safely in their bomb-proof vehicles and flying peacefully in their impeccable private jets.

What makes the cabal so firmly embedded in the system, these days transferring the exploitation mechanism to their foreign educated privileged children like the Panama Papers property-owning Senate president, to continue mis-ruling and oppressing the poor and hopeless masses from within and outside government, is the stranglehold on the electoral system made possible by their unlimited stash of looted cash. Like jackals, the animalistic cabal work together in packs, using their loot to sponsor all leading political parties and bribe electoral officers and the electorate alike to keep their cronies in power. There is no use of Nigerians continuing to vote, indeed it is advised the country “holds its vote” in protest, till the rigged electoral system is completely overhauled and the cabal and money are banished from politics. If we vote, we lose. The electoral system is rigged. We are guaranteed to get the same crop of blood suckers.

In recognition of the above tale that we are all too aware of, I am launching the overdue “Cabal Must Go” campaign. Hashtag: #CabalMustGo. I invite all Nigerians and friends of Nigeria to join this campaign and for Every Nigerian To Do Something towards getting rid of the filthy cabal. Indicted looters including those implicated in the Halliburton intercontinental scandal are brazen enough to offer themselves as candidates in elections. This is how terribly Nigerians have been ridiculed. And as unbelievable as it sounds, looters do win.

Nigeria’s political future is decided by meetings of these jet-owning cabal held in Minna or Otta, whose kids marry each other to keep it in the family. These cabal must go. They MUSt go! They must be sent out of Nigeria on self exile as they evade being jailed by the current administration, sponsored by and thus beholden to them. The arms of government shield the cabal as we saw with Jonathan and Diezani and as we witness today with Buhari/Osinbajo and Grasscutter Babachir Lawal and $43 million Ikoyi’s Oke.

The Nigerian people must stand up and stand now for their futures and equal rights to CBN jobs shared within the Executives and Senate and not only NPower handouts; to the resource of our land and not slave-employment, with PhD holders driving cabal trucks. We must stand up to the cabal and deprive them as they have deprived us and eject them as they have ejected us. The cabal own all the prime estate in our various states, they own the arable land and are therefore behind the endless fights between farmers and cattle herders competing for what is left. They must go by any means available. Every means must be activated to get them out of government and out of our country. Nigeria must be purified and sanctified of their evil. Cabal executives, governors, ministers, justices, Emirs and their private sector coterie of pretend business mogul oligopolists must all be sent packing. We must route them as Evans was routed. Kidnapper Evans is indeed better than these. He hides to perpetrate his crimes while the herd of authority-stealing beastly cabal operate in broad day light.

Please do whatever you can so we can have a true independence; independence from the cabal. To further push this campaign in their faces, please get your “Cabal Must Go” T-shirts, caps and other paraphernalia from any kind volunteering websites carrying them online or from my site, We are offering these for sale to those who can afford and as gifts to those who can’t as well as through donations to winners in various competitions. Email ([email protected]), call (+1-929-427-5305) or tweet me (@EveryNigerian) to request and I will see how best to supply you. To rescue Nigeria, I am committing my money, time and life. Getting rid of the cabal is a task that we must see through in our life time and by the grace of Almighty God, we will.

Dr. ; +1-929-427-5305; @EveryNigerian