Big ‘Naija’ Boy Executed in Indonesia for Drugs, Buried in His Multi-Million Mansion

by Olufamous

I pity men of today who allow themselves to be pushed into doing “anything” for money because of some ladies who know nothing than money, spending. When such ladies see a footballer or musician or comedian or actor spend money, they immediately want their own man too to spend like that and if he refused, they either call him stingy or broke.

Everyone can’t operate at the same level at once, anyone who gets into dirty deals in secret just to live large should also be waiting for the day of reckoning; it will come, it’s just a matter of when.
Naija big boy, Izuchukwu Ezimoha, one of the Nigerians executed recently in Indonesia for drugs has been burial in his mansion in his hometown in Ihiala area of Anambra State.
When he was living large and building mansion(s) far above his legitimate income, those around him didn’t see anything wrong in that, they were hailing him as a big boy.
 I think our youths of today should know that most artistes spending millions today were broke to the extent that some could not even afford a decent meal about 4 or 5 years ago. Now it’s different. But for men who are working, their wealth cannot come that fast; the processes are different.

So, any lady who’s looking for a man who will make fast cash or already has fast cash, don’t disturb a man who’s working; go to parties, hotels and other places where you’ll meet musicians, footballers, actors and comedians. Follow them by all means so that some of their money can touch you.

 Please, it is stupid for a lady to date or get married to a man who is working to build a life and expect him to be spending on her like Mikel Obi or Alibaba or Tuface Idibia and co. If you allow your man build his life, in few years he could even be richer than some of these people. That is life for you.
Men too, stop allowing yourself to be pushed into desperation. Any man who should be working but chose to be spending large to impress ladies, know that you’re setting up yourself crisis. Be wise!