Boko Haram Threaten President of the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria

Boko Haram: Divided? Desperate?

August 23rd, 2012

NewsRescue– The extremist Islamist cult, Boko Haram, which operates out of Nigeria’s North Eastern impoverished regions, and is responsible for over 1000 deaths of Nigerian Christians, Muslims and foreigners this year, appears to be suffering from splintered ranks.

A written email sent purportedly by the sects spokesman Abu Qaqa hinted fractionation in the group, as the statement threatened Dr. Ibrahim Datti Ahmed, president of the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria, a known close ally of the late Muhammad Yusuf (who was assassinated in 2009 under government custody), and a known sect mediator, who has been chosen regularly in the past by the sect to negotiate on their behalf.

The group threatened Dr Datti to beware of attack from the “soldiers of Allah”. The sect headed by Abubakar Shekau in the statement said:

We have also heard that Dr. Ibrahim Datti has also entered another plot to that effect; we are calling on elderly people to hold their respect and not dent their image.

With the statement release, it is obvious they are worried because of the prospects of factions of the sect reaching favorable compromise with the government, which will ultimately lead to collapse of the integrity and sustainability of the sect.

Talks via mediator Datti last March broke-down due to as Datti stated, Nigerian governments breaking faith by revealing each step of the talks to the media before conclusion in violation of the promise of silence:

To our shock and dismay, no sooner had we started this dialogue, Nigerian newspapers came out with a lot of the details of the meeting held.

This development has embarrassed us very much and has created strong doubts in our minds about the sincerity of the Government’s side in our discussion as the discussion is supposed to be very confidential to achieve any success.

The reason why Boko Haram want so much secrecy whenever they do have talks with the government is not hard to figure. Groups like Boko Haram thrive off of displaying and demonstrating “invincibility” to their poor, desperate audience and masses they hope to recruit or intimidate into silence. Hence public knowledge of negotiations with the inevitable compensations and sacrifices, that happen are a show of weakness and mortality. The recent government publication of the “ongoing talks” would again have literally “pissed” them off once again. These guys want people to think they are gods.

It was also noted in the breakdown of prior talks through Datti Ahmed, that criticism of him in newspapers due to controversies like his stance on polio vaccination in the north, also possibly caused him to withdraw from the negotiations in the past.

It can be presumed that this time Dr Datti Ahmed and other prominent Boko Haram elders and associates are engaged in serious talks with the government to the underground factions’ dismay, and this has led them to release this statement in annoyance.

The statement was also written and not the usual video, which also signals possible shakiness. Boko Haram has recently come under major attack by the Joint Task Force(JTF) which has with credible intel and “moles” within the group, crushed several gatherings, killing members, arrested many others and most recently found and seized a car loaded with what was referred to as the “deadliest” Boko Haram bomb, in Maiduguri.

jtf Bomb-ladan-car

NewsRescue-Maiduguri: JTF Intercepts ‘Deadliest’ Bomb Laden Vehicle Via Intel.

August 22nd, 2012

The Joint Task Force on Operation Restore Order said, on Tuesday, that it intercepted the deadliest bomb-laden vehicle in Maiduguri.

The JTF spokesman, Lt. Col. Sagir Musa, said that the arrest took place on Monday at about 6 p.m.

“The JTF, based on information obtained from an arrested Boko Haram terrorist and moles in the Boko Haram Camp, intercepted a Toyota Camry 2001 model car  heavily loaded with Improvised Explosive Device,” Col. Musa said.

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In recent months, the despised group has come under attacks from Muslim leaders and Muslim groups, describing them as the most hated thing in Islam during Ramadan sermons, and listing them as wanted, with a Muslim group placing a $10,000 bounty on the head of the group leader and other money to be paid for all credible information on their activities:  See: NewsRescue- Abubakar Shekau – Wanted Dead Or Alive; $10,000 Reward: Nigeria Muslim Group