Boko Haram: Keeping You Down Forever ♦ By Jide Olowookere

May 8, 2014


By Jide Olowookere

I’m sure that night you felt you were on top of your game, you deceived my daughters, abducted them and now you plan to sell them to your ready market. Please note this before you do… This fight is not theirs alone. I can’t take the mess you’ve caused me globally. I’m missing my girls.

What I can’t take is the fact that you’re making it tougher for me and my citizens. Hey, Boko haram, you have put me under the world terrorism watch list. You are happy that you’ve gained more media coverage. Same media coverage that would have been for youth empowerment and advancement.

You are against the education of my girls, which shows you are backward and not aware of the happenings and development around the world. Someone like you could have given me media hype on how to develop my various sectors, but you are trying to shatter my security and peace.

Remember this; every soul you have taken from me is at a price you will pay soonest, I promise you.

The price for the souls you have taken can’t be negotiated, know that I will soon bring you down. I won’t accept any killing or abduction from you anymore. I will use all I can, both locally and internationally to seeing you are a thing of the past in my life. I have got your future in PEACE, but you can’t have mine in violence. Look behind you Boko Haram, I am coming after you to destroy you.

I am keeping you down forever.

I am Nigeria