Boko Haram: Massacre in Baga, Border city of Borno

Apr. 22, 2013

NewsRescue- There was a massacre in Baga, the fishing border city of Borno, Friday evening as Nigerian security forces confronted Boko Haram terrorists.

Dozens lost their lives in the clashes that ensued. There is no independently verified figure yet, though certain irresponsible media are producing unsubstantiated figures of victims and homes burned.

According to our sources, the military are highly frustrated in combating terror because terrorists lodge in natives homes. Our source said that this is usually because they compel and kill natives who refuse to house them and other times, the natives willingly accommodate them.

Hence in battles with these extremists, most of whom are foreigners from Niger, Chad and Cameroon, as NewsRescue detailed in our extensive report on border insecurity, the natives are caught in the cross fire as the cowardly foreign Boko Haram terrorists fire at security forces from inside homes and Mosques. See: Boko Haram: Foreign Terror Via Nigeria’s Porous Borders, the Urgent Matter of National Security

The Baga episode was reportedly triggered when security agents heard that Boko Haram criminal terrorists were praying and harboring weapons in the Mosque in Baga. Upon going toward the Mosque, the JTF came under attack and responded. One military officer died in the mayhem.

Head of the security task force, Lt Col Sagir Musa swore that the figures given by the “deadly,” social media were highly exaggerated.

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The governor of Borno visited Baga Sunday and promised assistance to the people. Governor Kashim Shettima is known for politicizing events and information released on events from the government office is usually questioned and filtered for personal agenda.