Boko Haram Sponsors: Nigerian Security Agencies Being Privatised

SSS agent cleans Danbazzau's shoes


One answer comes up when the question on why no sponsors of Boko Haram have been arrested: because Nigeria’s Security agencies are pre-occupied. Unfortunately, not on national issues but on shining the shoes of government bosses and protecting the security and image of Nigeria’s security Chiefs. They are very busy.

The most recent example was in the arrest of Borno’s Hussaini Monguno for allegedly conspiring to discredit DSS boss, Lawal Daura to Buhari. Hussaini Monguno and two others were swiftly picked up for allegedly planning such conspiracy to tarnish the image of the Security service czar. Nigerians wish Boko Haram past and present sponsors had their phones tapped and were picked up as fast. We would be looking at all the governors and politicians involved on parade today.

A similar situation happened in Zaria last December when because the pathway of Army Chief T.Y. Buratai was disturbed, the army decided it was time to run a massive number on the Islamic movement who had according to them “long been public nuisances.” Not a day before or a day after and not for the protection of anyone else; but when the army chief was personally affected did he decide it was time to act and act by a widespread total massacre as “honor killing” for the rats daring to tap a soldier’s chest.

And on publicity: Colonel S.K Usman has literally made more personal publicity statements in defense of his boss than statements he has made in support of the army. This while it is not his duty to release publicity statements for the army Chief’s personal issues; these should be done by personal assistants hired and paid for  by the army chief as obtains everywhere else in the world. Refer: General Petraeus of the US’ scandals. But with the personalized security agencies you read publicity statements like, “Tukur is a good father, he is our role model, the best soldier in history,” coming from the official military spokesperson’s office.

If the people of Agatu wish to deal decisively with the Fulani terrorist raids on their community, all they need do is find a way to lure a State security chief to the area and get him to feel he could be attacked or in some other way intwine them in the crises that kills hundreds of their people. The reaction by Nigeria’s security service will be swift and strong. All Fulani terrorists and their friends, family and neighbors would be exterminated that very day.

Otherwise do not count on them to find Tompolo, or address your communal crises. They are busy protecting the personal interests of the nation’s security bosses or shinning their shoes.

And don’t hold your breath expecting the sponsors of Boko Haram or padders of the budget to be paraded anytime soon.