Boy loses leg because of 20 cents in India


September 13th, 2009

NEW DELHI, India (CNN) — Doctors had to amputate the leg of a 13-year-old snack vendor who was thrown off a moving train after he reportedly did not have money to bribe a guard, authorities said Sunday.

Part of Mohammed Salahuddin’s leg was removed below the knee after it was badly damaged after the fall, said Amit Lodha, a railway police superintendent.


According to published reports, the suspect allegedly hurled Salahuddin off the train on Thursday in anger because he did not have Rs 10 (20 cents) to pay in bribes for selling snacks on board.

“The (arrested) constable has denied these allegations. But he indeed has been found to have thrown the boy out of the train,” Lodha told CNN.

The guard was sent to jail Sunday for the incident, which took place in India’s Bihar state, officials said. He faces attempted murder among other charges.

In August, Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh admitted his country was faced with “pervasive corruption”.

“The malaise of corruption, so sapping of our efforts to march ahead as a nation, should be treated immediately and effectively,” Singh warned. source

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    sparks 14 September, 2009 at 00:05 Reply

    Too bad our laws weren't as just as India"s. There it's attempted murder here it would be assault. This country could learn alot from other countries if those in charge were'nt afraid of getting snagged by the laws they would be set right. Only in this country can you stab somebody 3 times and get charged with assault. Hello who stabs somebody and doesn't know there is a potential for death. Go India. I bet they throw him off a cliff after trial too. At least thats what they do with child rapists.

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