BREAKING: Concerned Activist Receives ‘Death Threats’ From FGN For #ObeyCourtFreeZakzaky, Zeenat Protests


A Nigerian political activist who organsied peaceful protests and demands for the federal government to obey the court’s order and free Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Zeenat, just received subtle death threats from the Nigerian security agencies.

Deji Adeyanju tweeted that he was just out of meetings with Abuja police chief and Director SSS who kept warning him to love his life.

“I just got out of a 1-hour meeting with Commissioner of police of FCT. In attendance was Director DSS, and brigade commander of the army.”

“DSS guy said I should be concerned about my safety. That they don’t want me dead. All manner of subtle threats sha. @Shalomttheo was there.”

The peaceful protests which had in attendance many prominent Nigerians including former chairman Nigerian Human rights commission, was broken up by police who fired tear-gass and water cannons on the Nigerians peacefully demanding the government obey the court and free Zakzaky and his wife detained illegally for 500 days.

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