BREAKING: Mischievous Elements Suspected To Have Set Part of Sabon Gari Market Kano Ablaze

Nnamdi Kanu with suspected Radio Biafra terrorists
Onitsha Central Mosque Set Ablaze by Radio Biafrans
Onitsha Central Mosque Set Ablaze by Radio Biafrans


Sabon Gari market in Kano is on fire. Nigeria’s fire service are battling the fire.

The fire engulfed the furniture section of the market Thursday evening according to reporters in Kano.

The fire is suspected to have been set by Radio Biafra agitators.

NewsRescue exclusively alerted in our report Yesterday that intercepted communications revealed that Radio Biafrans had a plot to set Igbo properties and assets ablaze in the north to lead to an exodus of Igbos.

Quoting our report Yesterday:

NewsRescue intercepted communication between Radio Biafra zealots who had discussed how they could possibly instigate anti-Igbo sentiment in the north to trigger attacks against Igbos and cause an exodus.

The intercepted communication revealed that the Radio Biafrans were actually planning to burn Igbo homes and assets in the north as a last resort to trigger Igbo exodus. Read full here: Mischievous Radio Biafrans Trying to Provoke, Burn Central Mosque, Dangote Trucks, Shoot Soldier In Onitsha

On Wednesday, similar mischievous elements from the group set the Onitsha Central Mosque on fire and shot and killed a Hausa Suya seller after the Nigerian army dispersed their protests at the Onitsha bridge.

We will update you on the progress of the fire and extent of the damage.

Listen to Nnamdi Kanu discuss various ploys to set Nigeria ablaze and trigger Igbo exodus on station this September