BREAKING: Multiple #BurningBroom Gatherings All Over Zaria as People ‘Eager To Kick out APC El-Rufai’ [Pictures]

by Comrd Mubarak Tukur Yero,

Mubarak Yero went around Zaria city Yesterday and attended several events staged by “old APC” members where the Broom Party symbol was burned. He said,

“Yesterday I attended multitude of burning broom’s from Zaria City which Old APC members specially organized.”

The broom burning was conducted by the PDP which seems to be making a revival in Kaduna state where the people seem disappointed in heir elitist governor whose presidential ambition and disdain for the masses and non extremists has defined his 2 years win office with sorrow, tears and blood.

We had earlier reported on another #Burning Broom event.