BREAKING: Nigerian Military Accuses “Shia” Of Being Sponsor Of “Sunni-Takfiri” Boko Haram Terrorist Group

Shekau and ISIS' Abu Baghdadi - extremist Sunni Takfiri


Lt. Gen T. Yusuf Buratai
Lt. Gen T. Yusuf Buratai

In the three minute advertisement video clip the Nigerian government has been running on the National television station, NTA, the Nigerian government has made the most bewildering claim yet, accusing the Ibrahim Zakzaky-led “Shia” Islamic Movement of Nigeria as being the sought-for sponsors of Boko Haram.

In the clip discussed here, which showed kids marching, learning karate and other extra-curricula activities offered in most schools, the government stated:

“It is imperative to bring to public awareness that the Islamic movement of Nigeria under the leadership of Ibrahim Zakzaky has been militarizing its members over the years. About two decades ago, this was how under the pretext of sending young Nigerians to study in the Middle East, they were sent to terrorist training camps, which have resulted today into Boko Haram terrorism and insurgency.

Zakzaky loaded in wheel barrow
Zakzaky loaded in wheel barrow in typical extremist behaviour

This is perhaps the most outlandish claim yet; well secondary to the initial claim that the Islamic movement’s aim was to assassinate the Chief of Army Staff. Analysts say the government could be doing one of two things:

  1. Attempting to still save the neck of the Army Chief or worse yet
  2. Attempt to save the real sponsors of Boko Haram who the public is agitating for, by transferring the role to the ruling authority religiously despised minority Muslim group leader.

shettima collabo

The claim is however highly absurd as for one thing, the Islamic Movement has come under the most serious attacks from Boko Haram who have bombed and killed their members in several Mosques over the years, but more importantly because Boko Haram has sworn allegiance to the Daesh Sunni-Takfiri global headquarters.

There are no two greater enemies than the Iranian “Shia” state and Daesh, with links to Wahhabi Saudi and “Sunni” Turkey. To claim that the “Shia,” Iranian supported Islamic movement of Nigeria is the founder of Boko Haram is a story for the gods.

It is well known that Boko Haram founder, Muhammad Yusuf was a religious prostitute who ideologically disagreed with the Islamic Movement who moved from group-to group till he founded his extremist Sunni-Takfiri Salafist sect and carved out its ideologies.

shettima heads roll

In our previous analysis of the military propaganda video release, we noted that the military apparently realizing the gravity of their atrocities, resoundingly condemned by the International Human Rights Watch, Nigerian Human Rights Commission, and notable Nigerian Senior Advocates, rights activists and the like, has shifted from a position of claim of “an assassination attempt on the life of the Chief of army,” being the reason for the massacre on Sokoto road and the continuous excessive and unconstitutional use of military force in massacring and arresting citizens across the State; to an aggravated claim of Boko Haram terror sponsorship as an only gambit, which counting on sectarian “Sunni” Muslim majority hatred for the 10 million minority group, and the use of government media tools will possibly help protect the head of the army.

Victims' bodies left by the Nigerian Army for looters
Victims’ bodies left by the Nigerian Army for looters

The latest accusation by the State was however predicted by us after we saw one or two widely spread propaganda press releases by civilian government agents who had started pushing such the rather evidence-less and reality divorced theory.

How The Independent Media Tirelessly Cleared Buhari’s Name Of Similar Allegations

It must be recollected that throughout the last couple of years, the Jonathan immediate former government had likewise slandered the person of current President General Muhammadu Buhari as the sponsor of Boko Haram.

The fictitious heading
The fictitious heading

Our organization personally committed several thousand dollars of our own money as a news “Rescue” organization, to advertising the true story with researched evidences to clear the name of General Buhari.

See: NewsRescue-VIRAL: It Was PDP That Promised To Make Nigeria Ungovernable in 2011, Buhari Never Did! Jonathan Begged Buhari To Settle Libel Suit

See: NewsRescue-REVEALED: How Reuben Abati And Guardian Retracted Claim That Buhari Was Behind Terror In Nigeria

NewsRescue articles were the first references used in defense of President Buhari on his website. See: Buhari promise to make Nigeria ungovernable?

It was the efforts of media like ours that continuously cleared his name. It would be rather disappointing to see the new government do the same treatment to others to save it from its blunders.