#BrusselsAttack: A Joke Called Nigeria

Barely 48hours after the terrorists attack in Brussels that killed 31 people and injured 230 or more, the mainstream media still has nothing to report than the outrageous attack continuously.

Hours after the attack, world leaders condemn it as unfortunate and openly declared support for Belgium if needs be. The US, Britain, Russia, France, Iran and other super power countries vouch to bring an end to it- including the ‘oversabi’ Nigeria. In addition, 3 days national mourning had been declared.

The sympathy shown to the deceased, their families and to the Belgike govt is enough to tells you blacks are either subhuman or their lives don’t matter.

Some hours after the attack, airport CCTV revealed by a Belgike state television shows 3 suspects and, although the attack is said to be suicidal, the authorities are yet to ascertain the claim of their deaths in the operation.

Backward your memory back to all the attacks Boko Haram claimed responsibilities, and tell me if a suspect was once paraded ever? No. There isn’t, right?

The reason why the western nations abandoned Nigeria even at the hard trial time of Boko Haram is easy to guess, because the whole country was a JOKE! Yes, a joke.

Our numerous to mention jokes supercede our seriousness in governance. A simple example of such jokes is the massacre of above 500 Shi’ites by the Nigerian Army, whereby a state govt hailed the army’s cruel action, so did the federal government and the generality of Nigerians- simply because of belief differences. Such scenarios occurred only in Hollywood movies, when shooting a true live story of Hitler and his kinds.

Tukur Buratai was considered a hero even though he’s yet to crush his number one target and enemy, Boko Haram, but engaged on war with similar breeds that cause wreck and havoc on the Nigerian state for the last 6 years; giving the possibility of creating another insurgency network in the north central. But there are no worries as all the blames where put against the Shi’ites for disrespecting the Khaki. From that instance, a reasonable Nigerian knows the consequences of engaging on dispute with the army; quarreling with them equals 500 souls.

Western nations only get serious when the terrorists-host nation are serious. They knew there’s too much politics in Boko Haram insurgency and only when Nigeria get serious- then it’ll win the war against a simple terror hub like Boko Haram; like in the word of Candidate Buhari last year “What is Boko Haram…?” but after 10 months as President Buhari, he’s yet to define them with the simplicity his body language indicate then.

I believe that Buhari is winning the war against terror, but what I don’t believe he’s doing is taking the precaution measures to avoid similar panic in the nearest future. He maybe winning the war in the northeast, but losing it in the Niger Delta and the southeast.

Though preventive measures are likely supposed to be taken by state govt, the federal government still abandoned it’s role of motherhood by outlining guides for states to comply. Apart from the central govt that are practicing a little of their ‘CHANGE’ promises so far, only a few states too are building the heaven they promise on earth.

To be serious is when a single live of a citizen matter.

Such seriousness level can only be attained when we resolve the differences in our beliefs by starting to address ourselves first as Nigerians, before anything you wish to call yourself.

Abuy Abba Akhuwa, wrote from the International University of Africa, Khartoum- Sudan.