Bufori: The #1 Luxurious Car in the World?

November 12th, 2012

NewsRescue– What’s the most luxurious car in the world? Not the Maybach and not the Bentley, the Bufori? Few outside Asia even know of this fully handmade masterpiece. It’s one of those cases of the many different worlds, with something hot in Asia that is not even on the menu in North America.

The Bufori luxury model is manufactured in Asia and going for $150-350,000 for customized models handmade to your taste, it is ‘that car’ for Middle Easterners, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai and Malaysian big balers. And according to statistics, for the first time, there are more wealthy men in these parts than in North America right now. There’s also demand for it from Japan, Hong Kong and Europe.

Gerry Khouri started the Bufori company in his native Australia in 1987, and decided to move to Malaysia in the 90s with increasing Bufori demand.

According to Bufori:

BUFORI is a manufacturer of exclusive handcrafted luxury vehicles located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The operations started over 20 years ago in Sydney, Australia, until the headquarters and production were transferred to Malaysia in 1994. BUFORI is specialised in building cars in the classic design of the 1930’s, incorporating state-of-the-art technology. Each unit leaving our factory is a unique masterpiece, customisation options only being limited by the size of imagination.

The company sports models like La Joya, Geneva and Evolution, and is also into manufacturing sports cars. The typical Bufori design is inspired by American cars of the 1930’s, and this can easily be recognized in the shape and design.

Well Bufori is looking for the handy crafty and global dealers, perhaps you can find an opportunity here.