Buhari Advised To Beware Of The Cabal’s Anger, People’s Impatience

President Buhari; img: Tolu Jinadu


A prominent rights activist and respect Nigerian elder, Professor Khalifa Dikwa has advised the current Federal Government of Nigeria to beware of the anger of the vile cabal who the government is rightly pursuing and recovering Nigeria’s looted billions from and the anxious and oppressed people. He advised the president to pay attention to the people and act firm while protecting his government from the malicious cabal. His statement read:

My take on the Armsgate and mega corruption;

I wished we had an open Court at the National level to try those involved in the heinous armsgate scandal, to avoid unnecessary court gymnastics. Alternatively, the appropriate Law and special courts should be established to fast track their trial on treason charges since it is a defence and security matter.

For instance, it is faster for Sambo Dasuki as a retired army Colonel to be tried and sentenced for illegally possessing weapons which could have sent packing the entire leadership than for corruption.

As a Sokoto prince, we are devastated by the alleged action of Col. Sambo Dasuki to be part of the conspiracy to somalise the North. Why didn’t he resign to save his dignity? It is inconceivable and incredible. Now I know why some of us were persecuted by the previous FG and remained jobless since 2011 election. This FG should quickly address and quickly correct the injustices meted out to us as perceived opponents with a simple review order, the same way some sacked soldiers were reinstated and paid their entitlements.

Khalifa Dikwa, Left with CAN President Ayo Orisejafor, center at a Think movement event
Khalifa Dikwa, Left with CAN President Ayo Orisejafor, center at a Think movement event

If truthful persons and their families are allowed to wallow in avoidable poverty and kobolessness for longer than necessary, then no one will dare stick his neck again in future and say the truth. Right now most of both APC and PDP governors and some Senators are sabotaging the change Mantra by starving their people and brainwashing them to turn against the FG by delaying and floating salary reduction or avoiding priority areas just to ignite crisis in addition to scarcity of fuel and essential commodities across the Federation.

The gentlemen around President should doubly know how such a hardship scenario turned the prayers of the ordinary Nigerians against the best 20month-old govt of PMB/Idiagbon that checked hunger, corruption and indiscipline as well as seeing 1 Naira exchanging for 1 dollar. That govt was terminated despite its being the best people’s oriented government serving the downtrodden Nigerians who never minded that it was a military regime.

We shouldn’t forget that popularly elected Democratic governments were toppled in Algeria, Mali and Egypt and the world advocates of democracy did next to nothing. That coup by Ibrahim Babangida in August 1985 had the illicit support of the foreign interests that imposed a corrupting and treacherous economic system tagged SAP and TCPC. No doubt, insecurity couldn’t have ended had Goodluck Jonathan’s government rigged its way during March 2015 election as usual. That success couldn’t have been possible without the prayers and votes of the impoverished, endangered and oppressed ordinary Nigerians particularly from the Boko Haram inflicted North.

Khalifa Dikwa, center
Khalifa Dikwa, center

Needless to say that those who stole public funds are not sleeping either. They are already working behind the scene to undermine the present FG including  exploring spiritual or occultist ways that cannot stand the prayers of the oppressed masses to the Almighty.

Let the Federal government and President Muhammad Buhari know that Allah created us utterly forgetful and in a hurry.

May God protect us and our sincere leaders from the wicked hands of the corrupt and greedy devil’s advocates.

Khalifa Dikwa