Buhari & Buratai Murdered 23 Pregnant Shia Women During #ZariaMassacre, by Harun @ElBinawi


He asked:”Why Nigerian media silent about #ZariaMassacre”

I answered:

President @MBuhari’s gang of mass murderers bribed the Nigerian media to be silent on the inhuman #ZariaMassacre of 1000+ innocent Nigerians.

Some Nigerian journalists made this confession to us. The @MBuhari mass murderer gang told some journalists to demonize Sheikh #Zakzaky .

The few Nigerian journalists that resisted were threatened by @HQNigerianArmy Chief @Buratai_COAS. @EveryNigerian is a good example.

President Buhari & gang brutally murdered 1000+ civilians & dumped the dead bodies in mass graves at night. Peak of evil & inhuman savagery.

He said:

“Zaria killing was worst than killing made by #BokoHaram. Meaning Buhari nd Buratai are worst than Boko Haramist”

“… Buhari & Buratai used state ammunition, weapons and personnel to carry out the illegal killings of peace loving and law abiding citizens. Very pathetic!!!”

I said:

I have not heard that #BokoHaram killed pregnant women. Buhari & Buratai brutally murdered 297 Shia women with 23 of them pregnant.

He said:

“Imagine pregnant women??? Subhanallah!!!
May Allaah forgive them all. Amin”

“What baffles me was when Kaduna state government was proud of mass burial for almost 400 people.”

I answered:

Elrufai is a notorious criminal, he is Midget Satan in human form.


Harun @Elbinawi