Buhari Should Come To Me, I Will Heal Him – Guru Maharaji

Sat Guru Maharaji, founder of the One Love Family, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to consult him urgently for healing.

Maharaji ji made the call on Monday while addressing journalists after a week-long program held to celebrated the 30th year anniversary of the Maharaji Village, along Lagos-Ibadan expressway in Ibadan, Oyo State capital.

“He supposed to seek help from black man and not white men in London,” Mahara ji told DailyPost.

“Remember the last time he was going out of the country for medical attention, I was the only one who said he would come back safe. What I’m saying is that let’s harness our power here to save ourselves.

“You cannot seat down and be saying Maharaji ji is not a Muslim or Christian. Is God a Muslim? So, if he can come to me, I’ll heal him.”

The spiritual leader of One love Family also claimed that if the people can invoke the holy name of Maharaji ji on Kaduna, there will be solutions to the crisis ravaging the southern part of the state, adding that even El Rufai will flee.