Buhari Disgraces African Continent Frolicking With Pornographic Blood Resource Plunderer Naomi Campbell


It won’t be the first time that Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari will let the African continent down in public and policy spectacles.

Buhari on Thursday unconstitutionally shut down Lagos, Nigeria’s busiest state, hampering social, economic and leisure activities of millions, while cheesing with a world renowned x-rated character.

Naomi Campbell is not only known for drug abuse, paid promiscuity and pornography, but also for the participation in the looting of Africa.

The licentious 47 year old admitted in 2010 to have helped smuggle “Blood Diamonds” on behalf of incarcerated murderous former Liberian president Charles Taylor. [https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/liberia/7927869/Naomi-Campbell-admits-she-was-given-blood-diamonds.html]

The disgrace and enemy of Africa has since been seen playing escort to infamous looters of Africa’s commonwealth like Nigeria’s Kola Aluko, on trial for plundering billions in oil revenue.

As Lagosians anguished, with hundreds having to trek with their baggages to and from the International Airport, they were appalled to see president Buhari, Tinubu, Femi Adesina, Governor Ambode and others shamelessly jollying with Naomi and tweeting their pictures and video of their engagement with her.

A simple google search of “Naomi Campbell nude” will leave anyone agape and embarrassed for Nigeria and Africa at large. The public lamented that President Buhari who publicly disrespected his chaste wife Aisha, who stands by, campaigned for him and defends the nation as a mother would, saying of her that her duty is in the kitchen and ‘the other room,” is now seen cheesing cheek to cheek with a well known pay-to-play high roller escort and smuggler.

Naomi Campbell tweeted that she was invited by Buhari for the private launching of Eko Atlantic. As the public outcry grew, in obvious damage control, the notorious character tweeted another programmed tweet and deleted the first. In the second, she mentioned that she was in the country for Fashion Week. Nigerians immediately asked what kind of protocol the president of Africa’s most populous nation had and how jobless his itinerary was that nonentities could simply bump into him and be granted time for pleasantries, pictures and who knows what else.

The judgment of the president and definitely of all those who surround him as well as that of Lagos state governor Ambode is once again called into serious question. The Buhari media team promotion of late Nelson Mandela also embracing the obscene actress did little to dampen this embarrassment to Africa. The old Mandela recognized his weaknesses and resigned early. Perhaps that is the greater lesson from the advertised comparison.

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