How Buhari, Osinbajo, Saraki And Emefiele Robbed Me of My Hard Earned $400 Last Week

Buhari smiles with Godwin Emefiele


In the audio available online and on WhatsApp, you will hear the entire conversation of how the current federal government of Nigeria robbed me of at least $380 last week. Listen to recorded bank robbery conversation:

It all started when my small business needed to purchase Cisco systems worth $20,000. Of course Nigeria does not manufacture these items. With no available government-rate FOREX for small businesses, this only reserved for the cabal, I was forced to purchase the dollars in the black market at a loss. I bought $19,000. Next I told my manager to wire it to my US account. He said, “Sir, I can only deposit $3000 at a time in GTB.” I was stunned. Time is money. What enslavement was this…how will small businesses grow with such senseless limitations?!

My friend said his account in Sterling bank could take the whole deposit. I was glad. He also suggested I purchase the entire list of items all on Amazon from his Nigeria Amazon account right away to my US address then ship it. That would save me the fees to wire the money to the US and time. We paid the $19,000 into his Sterling bank account last week Friday and I sat and filled my cart and ordered the about 200 items.

As we relaxed that evening, we suddenly started receiving emails from Amazon stating that our payment was declined. One email per item, it was so clumsy. We called Sterling bank only to be informed that we are only allowed online transactions of $1000 per day. What! So you will hold my money for 19 days to trade with it or what? Why can’t I spend my own money?

Over $3000 had already been deducted form the account, this meant $2000+ was hanging. Lord knows when Sterling bank will free that money. “Kunle, just wire the $16,000 to me asap before they destroy my money,” I said.

Kunle went online to wire the money and suddenly was faced with a “2% transaction fee” fine. What? 2% for what? We hastily called Sterling bank to find out.

In the recorded conversation, Sterling bank said they had held a meeting this February among Nigerian banks during which they decided to fine Nigerians 2% on FOREX deposits. That’s $380 on my $19,000 deposit, and $20,000 on a deposit of a million dollars. Money going not to CBN but to the Cabal friends of Emefiele and Buhari who own the banks.

We asked them if they informed us customers at any time of this fine, they answered in the negative.

We asked if we can get our $19,000 back. They said if we went o withdraw, wire or made any transaction, no matter which, we lose $380 to them. Okalasifo! Okelesimosi!

Dr Brimah at Freedom park, Lagos last week

Imagine how much billions the bank owners have robbed from the masses since February! And add that to all the many scams on your deposits and withdrawals the banks run and picture how fat their managers’ pockets are on your money.

In the US, banks entice you with rewards and bonuses to save your money with them, while in Nigeria the Federal government and Central bank supports pure and clean frauds by the banks which slam a host of illegal and unconstitutional fines on customers. Limitations, fees and fines for everything. I have listed many of them in pervious articles over the years from the Sanusi time to date.

See articles: CBN: The poverty in Sanusi’s legacy, by Peregrino BrimahNOTICE: CBN Engaging in Fraudulent Anti-Citizen Policies In Contravention of 2007 ActNigeria’s Central Bank Institutes Criminal Withdrawal Fines On Deposits Across The Nation, and many others.

Nigerian masses are so deprived in ponzi schemes facilitated by the government through their corrupt big political parties sponsoring cabal fake businessmen and banks, and they hardly know it or suffer and smile. From cement, to telephone to data, to dot ng domains to banking. In every sector the government legalises all sorts of scams and mega profiteering monopolistic rackets by the cabal that in turn pays the bills for the two big parties, PDP and APC in a symbiotic relationship, mutually parasitic on the poor, dying masses.

But I am not worried at all. All this will end by God’s grace in 2019. They can even take my $1000 if they like, or take $18,600 and leave me with $400. The #CabalMustGo and they will Go!

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