Buhari Partnering With PDP Party’s Top Chieftain, Nigeria’s Greatest Theiving Cabal


As Nigeria remains broke due to looting and falling oil prices, the president of Nigeria General Muhammadu Buhari has lately been partnering with the man regarded as the main sponsor of the PDP political party and top thieving oligopolist cabal responsible for Nigeria’s woes, business tycoon Aliko Dangote.

President Buhari has put Dangote at the front of various committees lately and has involved the corrupt billionaire at the center of national policies.

The Money Behind Obasanjo, Yar’Adua and Jonathan

Aliko Dangote is the chief backer and sponsor of the PDP politcal party for the obvious corrupt returns and favors the party gives the businessman over the past 16 years.

We earlier exposed how Wikileaks cable reports described the Dangote-Obasanjo ploys to control Nigeria’s oil and gas:

¶4. (S) Aliyu Mohammed, saying he was quoting Yar’Adua directly, said that Obasanjo had “ordered” the Katsina governor to contest for the Presidency. When Yar’Adua objected that the state of his health precluded it, Obasanjo countered that “God will cure you,” and undertook to cover all medical expenses. When Yar’Adua said he had no money, Obasanjo organized financial angels, all associated with Transcorp and led by Northern millionaire Alhaji Aliko Dangote. This group is supplying the Yar’Adua campaign with 45 jeeps (of which four are armored), a war chest of 5 billion naira, and a rented jet. (Aliyu Mohammed said that Dangote and the other “Transcorp boys” seek a Yar’Adua presidency to facilitate their gaining control over most of Nigeria’s oil and gas production.)

Read more: https://newsrescue.com/how-obasanjo-got-nigeria-here-by-imposing-terminally-sick-yaradua-us-intel-leaks-from-rat-gusau/#ixzz3y5UUpJhD

It was Dangote’s money that installed the Yar’Adua and Goodluck Jonathan government and defeated President Buhari’s past attempts to take control and restructure Nigeria.


Indeed even ahead of the 2015 General elections, while Nigerians contributed pennies and mobilized and fought for the current “Change” government, Dangote worked hard and invested his corruptly gained billions to sponsor the Goodluck Jonathan- Dasuki PDP corrupt government to remain in power.

Dangote Chaired Fundraiser For Jonathan’s Re-election

Dangote was the head of a notorious fund raiser Cabal committee of governors, banks and businessmen that raised billions of naira for  the PDP Dasuki-Jonathan campaign in December of 2014. This was money Nigerians bled and died fighting against as Jonathan and Dasuki threw it left and right; and money that has been reason for the dropping power of the naira.


US Regards Dangote’s Government enforced oligopolies as “Beggar-thy-countrymen”

The United States and other economic analysts have recognized the practices and policies that created wealth for Aliko Dangote as detrimental to the lives and progress of common Nigerians. US observers call it “beggar thy countrymen” methods as Dangote is given special tax concessions and breaks, zero import duties and also has State assets sold to him at a fraction of the price. In returns Dangote sponsored the PDP party and gave shares, stocks and other gifts including private jets to its politicians, US Cables report.

“Aminu expects more of the same soon — particularly an overturn of the Transcorp purchase of the Abuja Nicon Hilton. Aminu also noted Yar’adua’s commitment to fighting corruption and told Post he gave the greenlight to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to investigate anyone.

He predicted Yar’adua will overturn the Transcorp purchase of the Abuja Nicon Hilton soon. These deals will be aimed at removing the ill-earned gains of Obasanjo and his close allies such as Aliko Dangote. (NOTE: Dangote and Obasanjo’s Transcorp were both part of the consortium that purchased the Port Harcourt and Kaduna refineries.) Aminu claimed Dangote gave Obasanjo a 35 million USD jet plane as a recent “gift.”” http://www.wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/07ABUJA1658_a.html

Wikileaks reported that in return for the gift of Nigeria’s refineries to Dangote, he gave Obasanjo a private jet. Late President Yar’Adua stood against these and went hard against the subversion of Nigeria’s assets and wealth to Dangote. He had overturned the gifting of the refineries to Dangote and Otedola and was about to overturn the gifting of Transcorp Hilton Abuja to them before he was suddenly killed.


As we have earlier reported, Dangote sells cement at triple to global price to extort Nigerians and share the largest dividend to his political and foreign partners. Little surprise out of poor Nigeria comes the world’s 11th richest billionaire.


Dangote continues to enjoy special privileges under the Buhari administration which has again conferred on him unique privileges in a dependent partnership with the mogul and has promised him dollars in scarce times, a privilege other Nigerian businesses are deprived of.

Dangote himself confessed that at a time President Obasanjo forced him to import so much rice it crashed the local price by 80% consequently putting Nigerian local farmers out of business.

The likes of Dangote and Atiku Abubakar defraud people into thinking they are the highest employers of labour; however Small businesses employ 70% of labor in Nigeria, employing over 80 million Nigerians as is the pattern in all nations across the world. The likes of Dangote and Atiku only employ a couple of thousand in exploitative-slave labor conditions.

Too rich to be punished or prosecuted, Dangote will continue to grow rich and owning Nigeria while Nigerians continue to grow poor.