Buhari Regime: Wretched Economy, Monumental Lies, By Abdulmumin Giwa

By Abdulmumin Giwa,
It is no longer news anywhere that this Buhari regime is a big, fat failure that has everything a government needs but focus and direction. Nobody has any idea where the government is heading to. Everything about the government is based on false narrations and executive lies.
It is such that almost everything the government tells the public is a lie meant to deceive the people and sway them into seeing it as a responsible government. Everything the government says is practically different from what is obtainable and what the generality of the people see.
This is a government under which inflation has risen by over 150% since they assumed power. More people are losing their jobs and are living in abject poverty without any sign of hope anywhere. Nigerians are now living on the brink of a precipice with more and more people expressing dissatisfaction with the government in various ways.
The most recent lie by the regime was revealed by the Information Minister, Mr. Lai Muhammed, where he claimed that the Nigerian government’s illegal detention of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky was as a result of nobody wanting the honorable Sheikh to be his neighbor and that they have not been able to build a house for him. He also added that he is not being kept in detention but is in a house with his family.
He was so generous with his lies that he claimed that the government has the right to continue to detain the revered Sheikh because it has appealed against the court’s decision ordering his unconditional release.
In the first place, I, as a Nigerian that is even more Nigerian than the Minister because I am Hausa-Yoruba by tribe while he belongs to only one tribe, will be most honored to have Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky as my neighbor both in this world and in the hereafter and so do millions of Nigerians including Christians and non-Hausas that don’t share the same religion or culture with the Sheikh. One wonders where the Minister got the idea that nobody wants him as a neighbor. He is acting like a shameless liar.
The Sheikh, prior to the Buhari regime’s attack on him had lived in his Gyallesu residence in Zaria for over 20 years without any form of complaint by anybody against him. He was shelter to even victims of 2011 post-election crises where Buhari’s supporters went on rampage killing PDP members and non-Muslims because their hero lost election. He had supported residents of the quarters socially, economically, medically and security wise in various ways.
This was how peaceful he had lived with the his neighbors until the Buhari regime launched a killing spree on the Sheikh and his followers in December 2015, murdering over 1000 unarmed women, children and men as they headed towards exterminating the revered Sheikh and his family.
It was the Nigerian Army with President Buhari as the Commander-in-Chief that launched the terror attack on the Sheikh and his followers where they murdered three sons of the Sheikh in his presence shot his wife severally in the womb and also shot the Sheikh severally and even celebrated killing him and not anyone else.
This same Army went and attacked the Islamic Center of the revered Sheikh and killed everyone they found there. They also attacked the tombs of members of the Movement, the tomb of the Sheikh mother, the residence of the Sheikh where they destroyed his library with over 20,000 books, molested the holy Quran and other Islamic literatures and even stole donation monies.
They made heaps of corpses of those innocent people they murdered, took them to unknown locations and mass buried them at night with some of them still alive begging to be killed before they were buried. It was later that they decided to reveal one of the mass graves at Mando village near Kaduna.
Finally, the Buhari regime took the Sheikh into illegal detention denying him all his constitutional rights to freedom as enshrined in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
It is also the same regime that is claiming, even in court, that they are keeping him in protective custody on his demand. When the judge threatened bringing him to court to testify that it was with his consent that he is being detained as falsely claimed by the government’s counsels withdrew the statement because the government hypocritically wanted him to remain incommunicado.
In fact they don’t even feed him or provide him with essential needs as he is left to cater for himself. He cloths himself, he buys fuel for the generator and also pays the electricity and water bills of the house they are illegally detaining him as revealed by those who saw him recently.
Despite the lies by the Information Minister to Nigerians that the Sheikh is not being detained, the government has practically defied protests by millions of Nigerians that it should obey court order, the government has refused to even allow him to seek necessary medical attention as he slowly loses one of the eyes in which the regime’s killer machine shot him during their terror attack.
As practically displayed, it is the Buhari regime that is a threat to the Sheikh’s life and no one else. They are the ones that attacked him inflicted injuries on him and his wife, killed three of his sons, killed over 1000 of his followers burning some of them alive and even fabricating lies after lies in defendceof their dirty actions and no one else.
Secondly, who in Nigeria or anywhere else would ever believe that the Nigerian government cannot provide a house for the Sheikh as ordered by the court?
In fact the Federal High Court Abuja ordered that the Sheikh should be provided a house in a state of his choice within the north of the country. His landed properties where his house was demolished is still there, where his Hudiniyya Baqiyyatullah Islamic Center was demolished, where his Fudiyya Islamic Center was demolished, where his Darur Rahma was demolished are all there, what else is the government waiting for? How much would it have cost the Nigerian government to have built a house seven months after the court order today if not for the lies of Mr. Lai?
Lastly, the Minister crash-landed that the government has appealed the judgment of the court that ordered the unconditional release of the Sheikh, providing him with a house in any state of his choice in northern Nigeria, assigning a police officer not below the rank of AIG to escort him to the house, providing him with police protection until there is no more threat to his life and also paying him and his wife N50m as damages for violating their rights.
By law, their appealing the judgment of the court does not in any way stop them from obeying the court. The court’s judgment still stands. This is so because, for any judgment to be shelved aside pending the decision of the appellant court there must be a stay-in-judgment and in this case there is nothing like that. Hence, the government is disrespecting the court and disobeying the Nigerian Constitution thereby acting in what is legally described as Contempt of Court. This is a big disgrace to a democratic government because it is a feature of a military junta and dictatorship.
Stop the lies! Stop deceiving the public! Obey Court Order! Free Sheikh Zakzaky!