Buhari Says 24 Million Disabled Nigerians Supported His Election Bid: What!

Garba Shehu


Nigeria’s Presidency through its publicity office stated yesterday that the newly appointed SSA disabilities, Dr. Samuel Inalegwu Ode Ankeli “mobilized 24 million disabled Nigerians to support Buhari’s candidacy.” What!

Nigeria’s media eagerly published the ridiculous statement. What were they trying to say? Nigeria has under 23 million in total living with disabilities. Did all 23 million support Buhari? Are they under a Dr. Sam Ankeli organisation or government in some way that he got all of them to support Buhari?

Was the statement trying to suggest that all 15 million Nigerians who voted for Buhari are disabled? In what way did the new SSA mobilize 24 million Nigerians with disabilities to support Buhari’s candidacy?

Was this part of the resume submitted by Dr. Sam or was this cooked up by the presidential media team?

The questions are too many, but the implications of this highly erratic message propagated wholesomely by Nigeria’s media is troubling. Nigeria’s media publishes tales from the Presidency with all junk and error included without scrutiny, and the presidency once again with one more trashy release, continues to lack due diligence.

Hopefully with the new introduction of Tolu Ogunlesi and Mr. Bashir Ahmad, things will change, because the current situation is simply depressing for a great nation with brilliant minds as ours.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah @EveryNigerian