Buhari Vexes In Holy Land, Swears Severe Punishment For Those Who Padded The #2016Budget


Speaking to Nigerians in Saudi Arabia, the President of Nigeria vexed about the embarrassing padded budget and promised that all those involved would be severely punished.

“Through ought my services as military governor, petroleum minister, military Head of State and heading the Petroleum Trust, I never heard of ‘padding a budget’ before!” Buhari told the community.

The budget which had scaled second reading in the senate after it had been secretly revised by the Presidency following the first media attacks, sparked an outcry as it was exposed to still contain various massive corruptions in the form of serious padding.

A major instance was the insertion of a $700,000/borehole embezzlement figure by the Works, Housing and Power Minister which would build as many as 100 solar boreholes at least.


It was already known that Minister Fashola pads figures like that as he had similarly paid $450,000 for single boreholes in Lagos state built by his friend, Dr. Tunji Olowolafe, which he failed to deny during his ministerial screening. How President Buhari plans to punish Minister Fashola is left to be seen.

The budget also contained several uncomfortable pads around the official residence of the President, Aso rock, new houses for his ADC and other unscrupulous entries close to his administration in addition to the many for various ministries.

“We have zero tolerance for corruption and unethical practices,” the President remarked, “we will deal severely with anyone found wanting.”