So Buhari Wants A Third Go At The Presidency! As Does Atiku!


Nawaoh! Buhari had one shot, he bungled it. Abi, if you enter by coup, it is your failure and you cannot complain if you are couped out. A good General is not clueless and incompetent enough for those he surrounds himself with to fool and overthrow him. He had a second shot, he politicized, nepotized, fanaticized and cabalized it, keeping Nigeria stagnant for 3 whole years: same corruption, police extortion continua, poverty killing the masses, borrowing billions to make the government ‘look good’ with charity programs while misappropriating billions of dollars via the NNPC, transferring $ billions to cabal via FOREX subsidy scam, no clean-up of the Niger Delta, reneging on all promises including True Federalism – item #1 of APC manifesto, police and military brutality, clamping down on freedom of the press, disobeying courts, obstructing justice against thieves and concealing looters’ identities, etc, etc. Even going as far as importing and re-instate fugitive looter cabal that even clueless and deadly corrupt GEJ expelled, and defending them with the entire DSS apparatus, but yet he wants a third shot. *A THIRD shot! Na curse?!*  It’s not their fault. Shebi it is our treacherous senate that does not know its duty and sworn obligation to impeach.

Similarly, Atiku gave it to Nigeria in the behind for 8 years he was in the presidency. He with his friends OBJ and el-Rufai sold Nigeria to themselves those years of privatization madness, until Yar’Adua of dignified memory took over and started reversing the crazy privatizations, including reversing the sale of the refineries to usual suspect Dangote; before he died suspiciously. N11 trillion electricity fund embezzlement, anyone?!! Halliburton! And yet Atiku wants another 4 or 8! To do what???!!! The two 80 year old friends who, combined, have been the ones in power for a quarter of Nigeria’s existence, do not believe they could have inspired or educated any Nigerians worthy of the office. Two phools! It must be for the healthcare. Nigerian Presidential healthcare abroad is super! …or perhaps they think Aso rock is a geriatric home.

But I do not blame them. I blame us and our media. After all, while many new generation Nigerians, myself included, have declared to run in 2019, the Nigerian media, the entire main stream media, have all been bought over by the cabal and state. None of them will publish young or new generation aspirants. Thank God for social media and alternative media…the engine that we shall use to run 2019 elections, no matter how Buhari and Daura’s new obstructive gadgets and financial backed intimidation tries to disrupt. Check out the main stream media today and see. All you read in them is the rants and regurgitations of the expired cabal, defunct of ideas, who hire youth to do the thinking for them. INEC is rigged and the media is bought.

But we @CabalMustGo promise to deliver Nigeria from the cabal and their media. We have created a “Next Generation Candidate” section [ ] where we will field the new-mind candidates. No mind them. We the masses are doing our thing this time. We will kick out all the Minna and Otta-meeting shameless old goons of the PDPAPC/ oPDP, nPDP(APC) and affiliates, who party together and chop together till the day they contest against each other, then continue celebrating each other on their birthdays. See comedy! Just this September Buhari was sending his best friend Atiku as emissary to the south east. And throughout his tenure, he used to send Atiku as his ambassador to South Africa and other places. When election reach then the two old bedmates will think Nigerians will divide and choose among them! LOL!

“Ecclesiastes 3: To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

The season of all the cabal is over. By the grace of the Almighty.