Buhari’s Change Promise: A Mere Phantom of Delight, by Mubarak Ali

by Mubarak Ali                                                                                                                                                   

Yes indeed, it was not the economic policies adopted by president Buhari’s led federal government that has taken Nigeria to her heel, but rather the myopic and inept policies of PDP and cohorts’ sixteen years of misrule and excessive squandermania. One thing for sure and that stands, is that, at a time of great economic meltdown and incessant depreciation of our naira to dollar; an economic expert as a president, perhaps someone with an unblemished character and integrity could have been more preferable. The question to be ask now is, do we still have those kind of people in Nigeria today? Certainly, No which is why president Muhammadu Buhari proves to be the only viable option for Nigeria.

Over the years, president Buhari has undoubtedly, proven to be a force to reckon with, when it comes to public trust and prudent management of public office, but that doesn’t make him a perfect leader as perfection is an attribute possessed by the Almighty alone. Buhari’s track record of zero tolerance for corruption have been attested by many, countered by very few and this have hitherto preceded his reputation. But don’t let this sublime attribute of Buhari change your mindset of the fact, that the people who supported and funded his election which gave him victory that eventually, brought him to the limelight are the most corrupt politicians never seen nor heard before, in the history of this country.

Prior to his emergence as the democratic elected president of Nigeria, there had never been no love lost between him and his present cronies, someone like the current governor of kaduna state; Nasir El Rufa’i and former president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo had at one time openly, cast aspersion on him in the past, but now is the reverse, he’s being called and described with all sort of superlatives by the same crop of people. Terming him as a Saint which Nigeria needed at a time, when Nigeria is at the verge of collapse, a time when things are no longer how and what they use to be nor seen, a time when millions of Nigerians are living under the mercy of extreme fear, terror and Wanton violence, a time when impunity and corruption were at their peak, a time when high profile thieves and criminals were praised, celebrated and even elected into public office, a time when politicians with questionable character and disreputable integrity were at the helm of our country’s affair and a time when those that brought this woe upon us were left in charge of the solution. Until this crop of thieves were ousted and disengaged from taking charge of our country’s affair; Nigeria’s yearn for a change of new government, that will bring about positive change and new hope on the life of ordinary Nigerian will continue to be a fantasy.

We should however, note that before the 2015 general election, APC has been chanting “change” with which they use to lure and make us believe that,  things are going to turn around,  Nigerians’ were made so many  phantom promises which are to unnatural to be true, for instance, the then, APCs publicity Secretary now honourable minister of information said and I paraphrase “The fight against Boko Haram will be a thing of the past within Buhari’s  three months in office, if elected”.  How can a right thinking human being agree that a terrorism which had lasted for almost six years to be quelled within the time frame of three months of PMBs administration?  Totally impossible. Gullible Nigerians’ with vulnerable thinking faculty were wooed and fooled just because they had become exasperated with PDP sixteen years of misrule and failed promises. However, what this Nigerians failed to understand is that, there’s no such party as PDP and APC, they failed to remember that 2015 is marred by mass defection of politicians from this two dominant party as such all of them are the goats that ate our yam.

I appeal to my fellow patriotic Nigerians to assist in bombarding our dear country with prayer for a  leader who will represent a light of hope to our plight, not a leader who junkets around the universe while millions of it citizens are living under abject penury, destitution and at the mercy of extreme terror and phobia. A Leader who will be a servant of his people not one who uses his supreme power to fight and hound his perceived enemies. A leader who is open to new ideas in governance, not one who uses classic approach, which is too outdated to be put into practice. A leader who will be sincere in his fight against corruption not one who selects the culprit to be tried and prosecuted. A leader who places national interest above personal interest. A leader who have the ability to proffer a long lasting solution to our plight, which will stand the test of time. A leader who knows the value of standing firm on the promise made in public hear and glare. That is the kind of a leader Nigeria wants  and that is a kind of  leader Nigerians wants to see in president Muhammadu Buhari.  I love my country.