#BurataiGate: Wife Of US Governor On $70k Salary Becomes Waitress To Afford $215,000 Home


The wife of a US low paid governor has taken to waitressing to help the family afford a new $215,000 home. This breaking story just as the #BurataiGate scandal unfolds in Nigeria with the Chief of Army of Nigeria, Lt. General Tukur Yusuf Buratai recently exposed to have up to a million dollars worth of property in Dubai which he claims he purchased in 2014 with savings on a salary of N700,000 ($3500) /month

One of Buratai’s two homes in Dubai was estimated at $419,800!

Nigerians have been asking how the army chief could have saved in so few years to buy homes abroad of such value. The purchases came during a period when the chief was head of army procurement during he nation’s notorious army gate scandal with billions of dollars diverted.

Fox news reports:

The wife of Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage had kept a low profile for the first few weeks of her summer job. But then her husband told a crowd at a recent town hall that his wife took a job to “supplement” his $70,000 salary, the lowest of any U.S. governor.

The LePages live with their dog, a Jack Russell terrier mix named Veto, in the Augusta governor’s mansion and bought a $215,000 Boothbay home two years ago. The governor recently tried but failed to increase his successor’s salary to $150,000, above the nearly $135,000 average for all 50 state governors in 2015.

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