UN estimates: By 2100, Nigerians will be more than the entire population of Europe!

February 13th, 2012

NewsRescue- The Guardian  has published a population demographic interactive tool that enables users estimate the projected population growth in various nations by the year 2100. This in concordance with recent UN projections on the upcoming global population patterns and explosion. The design was created using a special Impure design language, by Bestiaro Spanish design house.

GUardian interactive population estimator

Certain areas like the US see a moderate population doubling in the next 90 years according to this estimator, while Nigeria, Africa’s most populous Nation sees an expansion from a current figure of about 150 million to 732 million, almost five times greater, by 2100. Right extremist, Eurocentric bloggers who fear a dwindling European population are having troubled sleep over the results. European couples are known to choose to have only one, two and sometimes no children at all. A blogger, alerted that Europeans need see themselves as an endangered species.

The rapid population growth in Africa is related to an increased birth rate in this region, coupled with projected economic and technological advances, with the life expectancy according to the interactive increasing from its current level of about 52 years to 76 years. North Africa and Middle East nations saw modest changes in both directions.

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Russia and China have projected population decreases of 23 and 30% respectively. Surpassing Nigeria, were Zambia with a projected 1000% population increase, a projection of a 13 million population increasing to about 140 million, Niger republic had an 800% increase with also an astounding life expectancy increase from 37 years to 76 years. Tanzania with a projected population expansion at 600% followed in the African explosion trend. Nigeria’s increase was 362%. In Zambia, Tanzania and other African nations with projected expansions, the life expectancy also dramatically increases from about 41 years mean to over 70 years.

True Size of Africa

It will be recalled that recently the true size of Africa was depicted in a new map that righted the intentional errors that had always been represented in the colonial global atlas, which intentionally shrunk the size of the African continent. So yes, we guess Africa can take it.

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Brilliant infographic from Kai Krause (perhaps the Kai Krause?) to combat rampant ‘immappancy’