@CabalMustGo Announces #RefoundingNigeria Global Meeting In New York Next Weekend


To reset and relaunch a Nigeria we will be proud of, *Cabal Must Go* revolutionary group is staging an international strategic meeting in New York between the 11th and 12th of November.

Core issues will be discussed in this first meeting of its kind. All and sundry interested in reclaiming Nigeria from the claws of the jet-flying, colonial-minded insatiable corrupt cabal of yesteryears who have set themselves as the so-called “owners of Nigeria PLC” and held onto the reins of power from 1960 till date by controlling the political system and major parties, is invited to attend the meeting in person, by representative or electronically.

Certain fundamental resolutions will be passed at the conclusion of the meeting which will be followed up with larger meetings on the African continent.

Present and represented are expected to include next generation leaders of thought and influential movement leaders from north, south, east and west.

Core topics to be resolved upon are *Restructuring Nigeria* and *Returning Power From The Cabal To The Masses,* the *Land Use Act;* *Restoration of the 1963 Pre-Obasanjo Constitution;* *Global Government Systems,* *Scraping The Senate,* *Role of Traditional Rulers In Government,* *Unifying The Fighting Front,* etc.

Nigerians are tired of carrying last. We will not let our children suffer the humiliation we have lived through. Cabal Must Go has pledged to hand over a banner our children will be proud of, as Nigeria’s first national anthem promised before dictator and head cabal, Obasanjo distorted the anthem.

They chanced our parents. They chanced us. We will not let them chance our children.

To be a part of this strategic meeting, please contact: Inventor Lawrence: +1-202-317-1840 or Dr Perry: +1-929-427-5305 or email: [email protected]