Can You Believe Buhari And Shettima Have Kept The #Bama12 Innocent Youth In Detention For Asking To Return Home?


The Bama 12 have been locked up for a month now for merely protesting to go home. They could be you or me, but worse! They are all victims of Boko Haram and have lost loved ones and remained starving in ill-kept IDP camps for years. Their ‘crime’ was ’embarrassing’ Buhari and Shettima by peacefully protesting to be allowed to return to their hometown which the Buhari government long claimed had been liberated from Boko Haram. But for daring to ask to be liberated from the camps where they died of hunger while Buhari shielded Babachir Lawal accused of stealing millions for their upkeep, they were arrested and slammed in jail in a shoddy trial where they were not even allowed to make statements. They were denied bail and have remained locked up since.

If this is not tyranny, I wonder what is. If this is not gross inhumanity beyond compare, I wonder what is.

It is hard to believe their senator, Baba Kaka Bashir Garbai and reps Mamman Nur Sheriff, Malah Bukar Sunoma and Goni Bukar have not fought for their release or at least said a word. The poor, innocent youth have simply been forgotten in jail. It is said that they are being blocked from returning home for the government administrators’ personal political and economic reasons and nothing else. Their predicament would be just another day in the trademark of politics and deadly greed of Nigeria’s political class.

In Nigeria today under former military dictator Muhammadu Buhari, you can be killed and buried in secret or detained indefinitely for daring to peacefully protest, while on the other side of the spectrum, there are tales of people paid handsomely and patronized by state officials to protest in favor of the government and security agencies. Listen to Prince Obi gleefully advertise pay to protest for Buhari here: .

Our Bama 12 heroes by name are, Mohammed Hassan (Chairman), Alhaji Grema Kyari (Secretary), others include, Alhaji Bukar Ajimi, Baba Gana Abba Aja, Bura Bukar Marte, Mallam Lawan Dogo Saje, Alhaji Mala Alh Hussaini and Hassan Alhaji a Trader. Pray for them. And say amen to their prayers, because God answers the prayers of the oppressed.

Our war against the wicked cabal could have set them free, but victory is not possible because of the zealots who block us; the Sai Buharists who will say that it serves the Bama 12 right for daring to oppose the whims of their almighty Buhari. And say that Grasscutter Babachir Lawal deserves to be free and shielded from the EFCC because Buhari is lord who they prostrate to.

Since we are clearly helpless in the face of what can only be called unusual and extreme evil, I only implore you share this article far and wide because God said that when we see injustice we should do something and if we can’t at least we should say something about it. So do share this post. it is the least you can do. May God help us.

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