CFR DATA: After 45,000 Total Reported Deaths, Nigeria Winning War Against Boko Haram


In the latest data update on the CFR Nigeria terror tracker, Nigeria is clearly at last putting a lid on Boko Haram terror related deaths.

While the Tracker gives a total deaths since Jonathan resumed power, of 44,361, the rate of deaths has been falling since mid 2015.

The death rate during the Jonathan last years was an average of 1500 per month, but this has cut in half to about 700 per Month for the past couple of months under Buhari.

The Tracker only records reported deaths and does not count hundreds of deaths in occupied Boko Haram territories that do not reach the media.

Also it is important to mention that government strategies to silence and distort the actual figures of deaths typically reduce the numbers below the real figure. The Buhari military has been noted to put a clamp on media information on terror deaths since it made a promise to defeat Boko Haram by a last year December deadline.

Real estimates of deaths since Boko Haram started are comfortably over 100,000 and as many as a million according to locals. Every single family in Borno, population: 5 million, has witnessed a nuclear family death.

About 5000 of the tracked deaths are other perpetrators including other armed conflict and sectarian.

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