Christianity & Western Imperialism are Two Different Things

by Harun Elbinawi

There is this mix-up & misconception among #Muslims that #Christianity & Western imperialism are one & the same & unfortunately some #Muslims around the world are poisoned daily with this false claims. The crimes & atrocities of Western imperialism are wrongly attributed to Christianity & Christians. It is important to note that those who promote the deviant #Wahhabism are the same people who promote this grossly flawed line of thought.

It is important to make this clarification that Christianity & Western imperialism are entirely two different things despite the fact that the major proponents & principal actors of Western imperialism “profess” Christianity as their religion.

Christianity is among the Monotheist religions we have in the world & among all world religions Christianity is the most closest to #Islam. In the #Quran God clearly made mentioned that the closest people to Muslims in religion are Christians. In the early days of Islam when persecution was unbearable in #Mecca, Prophet #Muhammad (sa) sent a large number of his followers to #Ethiopia which was a flourishing Christian Kingdom then & the just King of Ethiopia treated his Muslim guest with all hospitality.

Western imperialism is one of the two sections of the New World Order ( NWO ) that has the untimate desire to control & dominate the whole world & all its resources. And the NWO will target & attack any opposing force, individuals or group of individuals that try to oppose or stand in the way of their quest. They attack nations & kill its people for the sole reason to plunder it’s resources but they will tell the gullible world that they did that for the sake of “freedom, democracy & human rights”. They control all what is important in the world, they control the world financial system, they control the press, they control the media, the Internet was their creation & they control it & they most importantly control most of our governments with the exception of just few who are independent of them.

There is this flawed judgement that Western imperialism only targeted #Islam, this line of thinking is not correct. Imperialism have no religion & they target all religion that constitute a threat to their goals & agenda. But it is important to not that they use religion as a tool when it suits their agenda. It is important to also note that Western imperialism targeted the Christian Liberation Theology of Latin America where some revolutionary Christian religious Leaders led revolts against Despotic Western – back regimes. And imperialism target religion because religion create spirit of resistance & it is mainly good people of religion that have that spirit to resist it’s evil.

And then to #Muslims, the same people who brainwash Muslim youths through the deviant Wahhabi teachings that #Islam is at war with #Christianity are the same people who are puppets & lackeys of Western imperialism & Global Zionism that constituted the New World Order ( NWO ). It is a fact that among non-Western entities the most closely allied regime to the West after the #Israeli regime is the #Saudi regime. And it is this same Saudi regime that promote the warped & deviant Wahhabi contamination that only promote hate, extremism, intolerance & #Terrorism.

Finally, #Islam has never been at war with #Christianity & that will never happen. Western imperialism is to Christianity what #ISIS, #AlQaeda, #BokoHaram etc are to Islam. It is grossly unjust to attribute the murderous crimes & atrocities of Western imperialism to Christianity & Christians just as it is grossly unjust to attribute the murderous crimes & atrocities of ISIS, AlQaeda, BokoHaram etc to Islam & Muslims.

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