Civilian JTF Arrests Female Boko Haram Terrorists With Dangerous Materials in Borno

Aug. 16, 2013


The residents of Gomari and Bulunkutu wards of Maiduguri metropolis in Borno state; were gripped with “fears and pandemonium,” as members of Borno Vigilance Youths Group (BVYG) and the military Joint Task Force (JTF) Thursday, arrested a Boko Haram female terror suspect, along with a 35-year old man, suspected to be an informant of the Islamist sect who engages women in the smuggling and carrying of rifles and ammunitions.

In Borno state, our correspondent observed that ‘the fear of women is the beginning of wisdom’, as the security agencies and the vigilante youths are searching the females more than the males following series of arrest and discoveries that many of the women  arrested were in possession of firearms in the state.

According to JTF sources  in Maiduguri, the vigilance youths have already arrested five female Boko Haram terror suspects with rifles and 254 rounds of ammunitions in three wards of the metropolis, before the youths arrested this woman and a man, during their routine “stop and search” operations.

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