Civilian JTF, God Bless! Faithful Father, “He Was Never From Your Family!” – Muslim Group

June 18, 2013

Salam Alaikum,

The Muslims Against Terror ( salute the Civilian JTF in the north eastern states of Nigeria, AP photo above. May Allah(S) continue to bless and protect and reward you for being brave and determined to show what our duty is as human beings, made by His majesty. Never let the fornicating, murdering, cocaine pushing tyrants come into our villages and towns again. This is our Jihad. Boko Haram are cursed and shall face a grievous punishment for their transgressions, insha Allah. Let this movement be one that lasts and the protection of our towns for the weak, the elderly and the young, be our responsibility from today henceforth. By Allah(S) this is a just cause and He will strengthen and guide us. Ameen.

The non-Muslim Civilian JTF, God bless you. Our hearts and prayers are together. We are brothers. The Good Lord will strengthen us and give us peace.

He was never from your family

Our next message is to the father who in fear of his Lord, rejected bribe of millions from his deviant son and handed him over to the faith prescribed in Islam. May Allah(S) bless and strengthen you and your family for this brave and decent act.

We will like to draw your attention to the story of prophet Nuh(Noah) Alaiyhi Salam, when he invited his children and family to join him on the ship, and one son refused, feeling safe on a high place. Prophet Nuh, it is related begged his Lord, that, did He not promise him(Nuh) that all his family will be safe? And the ayyat goes(Allah knows best) that His Lord replied, “He is not from your family.”

Noble Quran

“And Nuh called out to his son –who remained standing alone- Come with us! Do not stay with the disbelievers! He said: I will go to the mountain top to seek refuge from the flood. His father said: There is no refuge today from the command of Allah except by His Mercy. Then a wave swept between them and so he joined those who were drowned. The earth was commanded to swallow up the water sand the sky, to become clear, and thus the waters drew back. And so the commandment of Allah came to pass and the Ark settled on top the Mount of Judi and a voice rang out: Away with the unjust!. Nuh called out to his Lord saying: My Lord, my son is of my family and certainly Your promise is truth, You are the Wisest of the wise. He (Allah) said: Nuh, he is not from your family, he is the embodiment of perversity, so question Me not over that of which you have no knowledge, and let this be a warning to you not to place yourself among the ignorant. He said: My Lord, would that I never question you over that of which I have no knowledge, if not for Your Forgiveness and Your mercy I would surely be among the losers.” (Quran: Huud 11/42-47)

May Allah bless you abundantly. Yours is an example for the entire world.


Sir Doctor Amadi (JNR), JP, MPA, NMS.

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