Comey Trial Exposed Mainstream Media’s #FakeNews and Democrats’ Anti-Trump Hysteria – CNN Opinion

Anthony Scaramucci is the founder of SkyBridge Capital and was a member of the Trump transition team. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely his.

(CNN) In the lead-up to James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, the mainstream media hyped the event as the “blockbuster” television event of the summer, promising fireworks and ground-shaking revelations.

But once the hearing started, the left’s narrative quickly evaporated.

Instead, the American people witnessed a thorough debunking of the mainstream media’s false reporting and the Democrats’ anti-Trump hysteria.

Their story crumbled as Comey repeatedly confirmed key facts highlighted by President Donald Trump in recent weeks.

Specifically, Comey clearly stated that President Trump was at no point the subject of any FBI investigation. The former FBI Director also made clear that the President never asked for the Russia investigation to be dropped.

These points were so clear that even ultra-liberal MSNBC host Chis Matthews admitted that the Trump-Russia “collusion” narrative “came apart” with Comey’s testimony.

The former FBI director put it simply: “There have been many, many stories based on — well, lots of stuff, but about Russia that are dead wrong.” In an effort to pad their fact-free reporting, the mainstream media has become heavily reliant on anonymous sources, and it speaks volumes that it took a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing with the former FBI director to bring the truth to light. Read full in CNN