Corruption That Is Not Stealing

Peace meeting


I recently asked a question via twitter. I wrote: “who will you trust: a man who stole a billion dollars or a man who secretly buried a human being?”

While the crime of straightforward stealing is humongous and capital in my books, and I have severally written on how the stealing of Jonathan was killing, the Bible and Quran give an official sentence of amputation for stealing and death for killing. Both merit capital punishments but sometimes with stealing you may live.

While I may not directly blame Buhari in the killing of hundreds in Zaria last year; and I may not accuse him directly in the secret burial of them (let’s assume he did not know and is being denied national security updates) but can we possibly pretend that he did not hear of el-Rufai’s mass burial confession? And if he missed that news, can we again pretend that he missed Amnesty International’s calls for immediate securing and forensic investigation of Mando mass grave that the dead may get reprieve and soon be laid to rest decently?

Buhari’s silence for a month since the Kaduna confession is worrying and indicting. This is where we have deadly corruption that is not stealing.

I’ll give a few more examples.

What do we call the silence and immunity given to marauding suspected Fulani herders? It’s not stealing but it is deadly corruption.

What do we say about the nepotism by the Central Bank, secretly hiring hundreds of politicians’ family members right up to the President’s? And what do we say of President Buhari’s silence on the alleged crimes?

What do we call the perversion of Nigeria’s system with the army empowered in dictatorial style to usurp the role of the police?

What do we call the failure to sack and interrogate the Enugu police commissioner directly implicated in the deaths of dozens during the Enugu massacre?

What do you say of the DSS statement, extracting five of fifty five bodies to paint an inciting and very dangerous picture of Fulani targeting in Igbo land?

What do we call the failure to bring to book those who padded the budget?

What do we call the permission given to Tunde Fashola to put single boreholes at N160,000,000 a piece! Quadruple the embezzlement that we stoned Stella Oduah for?

What do you call Lai Mohammed possibly violating the TSA law and borrowing N13 million to travel to China un-needfully when we have a salary earning ambassador there to represent Nigeria?

What do we call the artificial scarcity and new fuel scam as Godwin and Kachikwu connive and decide to condemn Nigerians to buy fuel imported at the black market dollar rate while the CBN promises unfettered access to billions of CBN N197 dollars to serially ungrateful and oppressive Beggar-thy-countrymen Dangote who sells his cement we helped him with government favors to manufacture at thrice the global average?

What do we say about a government that decides to hike fuel prices for millions so shares in Dangote’s company and other refinery investing cabals’ projects may rise?

What do we call the new fuel scam Kachikwu and Godwin are opening up to promote a duplicity in import price and to promote the bank formalized black market round tripping of dollars?

How do you describe the hardship the Buhari government imposed on Nigerians for most of their first year by refusing to import sufficient quantities of the readily available PMS, simply because they had better things to do with forex and as is evident, wanted to prep Nigerians for the black market forex priced scam?



What do you say of Kachikwu’s March 23rd confession that the fuel scarcity was artificial and due to his “strategically reserving” / hoarding the PMS product of the local refineries? Hoarding toward this hike in favor of the cabal as is now obvious.

In these cases, while many do not fit the stealing classification, they are corruption that is not stealing but is killing. Perhaps Jonathan had a point.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian; also on http://Naija.Live online radio.