A counterblast to the high rate of corruption in Nigeria

July 19, 2014


by Abdulmumeen Abdulrazaq

Apart from Ethnic and religious divisions, Corruption is the third problem that Nigeria is confronting. I’m outrightly namby-pamby that my country is being bemused, suffused, plagued, bedeviled and impregnated by Psychotic Corruption.

Our Politicians are busy stealing tax payer’s money to buy private jets and expensive cars. People like Amaechi, David Mark, Allison Madueke, Stella Oduah, Bukola Saraki, Danjuma Goje ought to have been in prison by now.

It’s saddening that politician like Fayose could be using ridiculous items like bag of rice and token amount to entice people to vote for him. I wonder when Nigerians would stop deifying a kleptomaniac who held the state to ransom for many years.

Graduates are roaming about the street with no job opportunities for them. Yet our universities and polytechnics keep producing graduate every year without corresponding job provision.

Majority of Northern youths have turned to Almajiris and militants while majority of thesouthern youths have turned to ritualist and drug baron.

Let’s collectively come together and lift Nigeria. I have never regretted to be a Nigerian. May God deliver this country from those selfish political elites.

This is my humble submission!