Counterfeit Change: Buhari, Osinbajo Want To Sell Nigeria’s Refineries To Cabal Once Again [VIDEO]


We are here once again: the “Government cannot run refineries” scope. They say the more things change, the more they stay the same. The same clueless deception of the past government is back again.

Acting president Yemi Osinbajo is selling the tale to Nigerians that governments cannot run refineries. This is the prelude to selling them to their cabal friends who sponsor the two-is-one main political parties.

“If government sets up refineries and uses its people to run it, it won’t work” Osinbajo said.

Who said government cannot run refineries? A rapid google search reveals that Saudi’s largest State-owned oil company, Aramco just took over 100% control of America’s largest refinery, the Port Arthur refinery in Texas. Note the fact that Aramco is “State owned!” So if Arab Saudi government can not only run its own refineries but also adventure outside its shores to take over and run America’s largest refineries, then who are Osinbajo and Kachikwu selling the cock and bull tale to? Toddlers?

Does the Acting President believe that Africans are monkeys and so, we cannot run our refineries? The fact is, if just like Diezani and Jonathan, the new administration believes that the government does not have the brains, discipline and business-sense to run refineries then how can it be legitimized to run the nation?, a more complex business task. In that case Buhari and Osinbajo should privatize Aso rock; they should sell it to Dangote and co.

Once ruling political parties get desperate and see the next election looming, the next thing they do is start bowing to the wishes of the cabal who sponsor their parties. This is what Nigeria is witnessing once again.

We have noticed in the news that the cabal are being included in all government boards. You have the Dangotes and Danjumas in PINE, in the Industrial board, etc. It starts that way. Next is to gift national assets to them.

The problem we have with running our refineries is a government-cabal conspiracy. Firstly, as the cabal set up their private refineries, to promote high value of their stock, the government allows sabotage of the State-run refineries. Then when these appear impossible to run profitably, they cajole the masses that “government cannot run refineries” so the desperate masses agree for them to sell them or rather gift them to the eagerly waiting vulture cabal. It is the same reason why the Buhari government is reneging on its promise to the people of the Niger Delta, to develop modular refineries: because these will be competition for the cabal’s big corp refineries. It is the same scam that was run during fuel subsidized import era where the government and their cabal coterie kept the refineries out of commission to keep making a killing on the fake subsidy. The scams never end.

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Nigerian youth, please stand up for your pride. Tell them you are not monkeys. #KillGoliath; rise up against Nigeria PLC. Since they agree that they cannot run refineries and by extension, cannot run the government, it is time we take over from them and show them how it is done. That we can not only run Nigeria refineries profitably and build more, but also acquire foreign refineries to make money for the State.

Our mumu done do! We cannot take this anymore!

Dr. Perry Brimah; @EveryNigerian;

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