Cuckoo, Gaga! Youngsters with Guns Gone Wild: From Afghan to France!

March 21st, 2012

NewsRescue- It was barely a week ago the story of some US troops going Cuckoo in Afghanistan and shooting up innocent villagers’ entire families, dads, moms and even their little kids while they slept, broke the air waves. Then going as far as burning their bodies. Everyone wondered why. Stress was the culprit.

To the embarrassment of the Afghanistan leader, and in oppression of the people, the prime culprit, Staff Sgt. Robert Bales was snook out of Afghanistan, away from the hands of the law where he committed his crime, to the safety of the US. {See: US Soldiers go on shooting rampage, kill 16 Afghanis; 9 kids; burned bodies}

But barely had we recovered from this shock than 10 days ago another Gaga young man went around France, shooting teachers and students alike. With point blank assassination of Jewish family members, also targeting North African military officials. The suspect is a certain 23 year old young man, Mohammed Merah of Toulouse, France. A youth who had been convicted over 15 times in his life in juvenile court. And what is similar about both crimes?

Both crimes were hate crimes.

Both criminals are young men.

Both criminals are the obvious results of a broken society.

Globalspin on Time describes this correlation pretty well in their article realizing the ills of war and comparing Bales to the typical Taliban terrorist. Time Middle East correspondent, Robert Fisk writes,

Bales had no sooner returned to base than the defence experts and the think-tank boys and girls announced that he was “deranged.” Not an evil, wicked, mindless terrorist – which he would be, of course, if he had been an Afghan, especially a Taliban – but merely a guy who went crazy.

We published an article about this dangerous generation and what to expect a few years back. We have called it ‘Generation Doom’, this generation wanting of family upbringing, with no sense of religion or social culture. The single common denominator of both killing sprees is a failed society and its resultant disturbed youth. We must be scared of our youth. Here is our article:

Generation Doom! Should we be scared of our youth?

December 30th, 2009

5 US men had maps of nuclear power site. Waqar Hussain, 22 - Yahoo! News

NewsRescue– From the Nigerian kid who recently set his pants on fire trying to detonate a bomb aboard the Detroit headed Delta airliner, to the riots in Iran, the Somalian Pirate captured at sea and brought to the US for justice{MSNBC, April 21 2009}.

Through the five United States citizens captured last week in Pakistan, attempting to attack Pakistan Nuclear reactors{Yahoo News, Dec 26 2009}, the several youth in Richmond California who stood by and/or participated in the rape of a fellow student{CNN Oct 28, 2009}, to the Mumbai terrorist attacks.

There is one significant denominator that can be seen in all these dangerous, wild cases,- Age.

The Nigerian, Mutallab was just 23. The Americans caught in Pakistan ranged from 19-24, the Somalian kid was just 18. Of course the rapists at Richmond, California were all teenagers. Similar ages also are most of the US kids heading off to Somalia and Afghanistan to join the radical wars there.

Abdul Mutallab, 23

Have we raised, as my friend fondly calls it, a Generation of Doom?

Usually when cases of terror are scrutinized, religious, social and ethnic affiliations are quickly brought to the notice. But has it escaped our observation that the crazy actions…people ever ready to get engaged in all types of horrific crimes, previously unimagined, are all youth.

Have we failed in raising our youth and can we expect more radical behavior from this generation, brought up without love, real faith and hope and the yet younger age groups?

Single parenthood is rampant these days, Planned describes children of single parents as less likely to succeed in life and more likely to engage in all types of violent anti-social behavior. Even with both parents present, are they living up to their obligation in raising their children? Has the family failed? And to a larger extent, is the society failing at raising a safe generation of youth to carry on the peaceful successful continued existence of humanity?

Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse, 18, grins as he is led into a federal building in New York City
Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, 22, suspect in Mumbai attack
Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, 22, suspect in Mumbai attack


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Fathered by Rap and video games, kids now up for easy hire?

A recent article in NewsWeek, ‘Girls gone bad’, described this upcoming generation as possibly a generation of prostitutes. What they called ‘prosti-tots‘, the result of kids being fed with the media coverage of morally bankrupt celebrities like Beyonce, Paris Hilton and the like. Ambassadors of degraded standards to the entire world.

The 911 suspects were known to patronize strip clubs.

Rap music has become global and the degrading and violent messages of rap are fathering kids all over the world where parents, too busy trying to sustain themselves in recession times and pursuing their own wealth and happiness have left a void in training their children. Now in the female generation we see increased sexuality and in the male we see an increased tendency to violent, criminal behavior. And video games give the youth complete training on how to kill.

Basically the kids are up for hire. Lacking good role models, any kid can be hired to do anything with little incentive and motivation.

NewsWeek, Feb 12, 2007- Girls Gone Bad

Paris, Britney, Lindsay & Nicole: They seem to be everywhere and they may not be wearing underwear. Tweens adore them and teens envy them. But are we raising a generation of ‘prosti-tots’?

I bet, we are yet to see the worst this generation has to offer. 2010 will bring no less surprises than 2009 has, unless we act fast to reconnect with the youth generation and restore faith, love and human culture in them. Else this machinized generation, this facebook generation of children of celebrity shows and Reality TV will surely end human existence.