Cyber War against Nigeria! RepublicReports, NaijaJive implicated in IBB- Boko slander

Update: February 11th, 2012- NaijaJive article connecting IBB to Boko pulled after NewsRescue expose! Bible4Africa website now solely implicated

February 5th, 2012

NewsRescue- Classified reports reaching our news desk, indicate that certain websites are engaged in an intense cyber war against Nigeria and its people. Cyber propaganda wars are frequently carried out via online and mobile platforms, to foment discord, stoke the fires of tribal, religious or other sentiment – ultimately resulting in deadly violence and destabilization.

We can clearly implicate NaijaJive, but it appears Republic Report is only guilty by association and lax operational guidelines. We do hope the later is the case for this news media outlet.

Unscrupulous culprit behind malicious propaganda, character- 'Rossquo' from Naijajive

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In a widely circulated article, an alleged Boko Haram- Christianity convert, appears to point fingers at Nigeria’s ex president from Niger State in the Middle Belt, Babangida (IBB) among many other Nigerians including MEND leader Asari Dokubo (a claim Asari swiftly rejected as fraud and ‘419’). The article which is presented as an interview is perfectly articulated, with extraordinary composition, brilliant grammar, a concise message and tertiary level vocabulary. Clearly not produced by a novice, very possibly a trained intelligence operative.

Article source, ‘Naijajive’, a propaganda website or ‘cheap publicity’?

The two articles appeared suddenly on the internet on February 2nd and 3rd. Both posted by a certain ‘Rossquo‘, a ‘Global moderator’ of a surprisingly brand new forum online, ‘NaijaJive’. IT experts upon investigating Naijajive, discovered it to be a brand new website, with no logo, no online reputation, a current Alexa internet presence score of 3,700,000, which corresponds to no activity.

We further checked the type of posts on Naijajive and found them all to be recent, rapid, by the same posters and all of an anti-Nigeria or anti-North and religious bigotry agenda.

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Upon investigation, we found that the domain, only created and registered on 21st, November 2011, was registered by:

S********* edited as article was pulled totally

Our several attempts to contact the site administrative contact were fruitless.

Our readers may contact the administrator to find out what his agenda is all about: l*****, of S***** ****** ******o, Lagos, Nigeria Tel:  2348********* edited as the article was pulled totally!

Alexa rank just apprecated to 2.5 M, from 4M. Nairaland is 2000 in world

Boko Haram convert; fingers IBB: Fictitious article!

In addition to the article of an alleged Boko Haram convert, Sheik Sani Haliru, in which IBB was fingered, there was another supportive article posted on February 3rd, 2012 of another alleged convert, Paul Ado Bayero, who was spoken of in the initial February 2nd article. Apparently, the second, article was created urgently to backup the first article and give it more cyber-credence.

Investigating the pungent article that has gained amazing internet traction in just a few days, we found the following points indicating a clear cyber warfare agenda against Nigeria.

  1. The articles have no source, except the Rossquo forum moderator who posted them.
  2. Both articles were created and entered suspiciously in February 2012, one day apart.
  3. Both articles are written in exactly the same language and lexicon.
  4. Both articles are supposedly from books, which can not be found any where on line or off line.
  5. The same undercover Rossquo identity pushed and published the article by himself on Republic Report.
  6. From his profile, it can be seen that moderator, ‘Rossquo‘, who posted and distributed both articles to Republic Report, registered as a user on November 23rd, 2011. A day after the forum was created. This suggests a ‘cheap publicity’ stunt.

It is rather unfortunate that websites which appear to be Nigerian can allow themselves be used in such a dangerous cyber war, with deadly implications.

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Republic Report also allowed the suspicious entity, ‘from New York’, Rossquo, sign up on their website and post the same fictitious and malicious article. The article has since generated cheap publicity and attracted 77 comments on Republic Reports.

We refuse to link any of these media sources, because the less people even go to their pages and invariably allow them earn the advertisement monetary reward they are hoping to achieve the more we contribute to safety of life, property and our Nigerian federation, and indeed, the world at large.

Snapshots of the evidence on the implicated websites

Nigerians must be vigilant

A recent article carried by the Nigerian Tribune newspaper on December 30th, 2011; an article written by Gordon Duff a popularly known national security specialist with decades of experience in Nigeria and an editor for the Veterans Today US magazine, a foreign plot to destroy Nigeria was described. See: NewsRescueNigeria Targeted For Destruction: Gordon Duff, US

Indeed there is much evidence that Boko Haram is a machination, created and/or organized and propelled by foreign powers.

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These fictitious articles are not the first, nor shall they in any way be the last of several dangerous and blood spilling articles and tweets that shall be propagated about and around Nigeria in the near future. Please check with NewsRescue for confirmation on authenticity of articles or information you may receive, and where there is doubt, please take the peaceful, compassionate road. The war is at hand, but we choose a path of peace.

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Update, February 11th, 2012

Currently the sole source of article against Dokubo Asari, IBB: Bible4Africa website; Spreading the Bible or spreading the seed of hate and discord in Africa?

Though edited after our February 4th article, the article page has not yet been removed on NaijaJive, as the forum obviously enjoys the cheap publicity it received, and though the article was pulled, the moderator of the forum who posted it, still left the title and put a link accessible only for registered members, to another propaganda source: Bible4Africa.

NewsRescue at this time refuses to investigate Bible4Africa, which has a Nigerian headquarters in Delta State, Nigeria, with details below, because we are too sad to see such a propaganda campaign being waged against peace, life, prosperity and progress of Nigeria and the world at large, by a religion affiliated website claiming to wish to spread the Bible:

Yomi Opeola-Messiri and wife, on 'Messianic' mission {Img: FaceBook}

Bible4Africa details:

Tel: 234-703-276-9762; 0708-598-6742.

Mailing address is: P. O. Box 618 Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

US contact: Mike Nicholson, Cell: 316-516-9093 domain information:

Registrant and administrative contact:

Yomi Opeola of 524 onanor, Wichita, KS 67208, US

Phone: +1.3168580924

Email: [email protected]

Website record: 2011-10-08

Yomi Opeola-Messiri of Bible4Africa and his wife engage in their ‘missionary’ work in Effurun/Warri, Delta State Nigeria.

Our readers can again satisfy their curiosity and settle their consciences by contacting this platform and requesting their source and reason for spreading this anti-Nigeria, destructive propaganda.