Daesh Explodes Bombs At Mosque In Maiduguri Killing 28+ Muslims On Ashura Holy Period

Boko Haram leader at Eid in Sambisa this September


Two explosions during Fajr morning prayers killed numbers of Muslim worshippers and injured many others.

The explosions around 5.30 am happened in a Mosque behind Magistrate Court at Jiddari Polo, at the outskirt of Maiduguri, capital of Borno.

Holy Day

Apart from being Muslim holy Friday, the day represents one of the holy days in Islam with many Muslims fasting. It is the “Ashura” day where Muslims and Jews fast and worship in appreciation of the miracle of the Lord parting the sea for Moses/Musa and killing Pharaoh.

The National Emergency Agency, NEMA as at report time had already evacuated 6 dead bodies. Total figures of dead and injured is not yet known.

*Update: 28 reported dead so far

Daesh in Nigeria has continued its assault on the predominantly Muslim north eastern part of the country with recent weekly bombings killing scores in Mosques.

Last week the terrorists killed everyone in a Mosque in the same Maiduguri, a total of 42 people.