#Dalori: Boko Haram Was Better Armed Than Us, Nigerian Soldiers Tell AP

Nigeria's military this December killed over 1000 minority Muslims in a similar but unarmed civilian situation


Nigerian soldiers have told AP that during the four hour Boko Haram devastation of Dalori, outskirts of Maiduguri, that when first responding troops went there they could not fight the “superior armed” Boko Haram army. It was only later when supporting troops were drafted with heavier arms that Boko Haram retreated.

The anonymous soldiers said the army did not kill the terrorists and they only retreated on their own.

A victim said for the four hours, Boko Haram was tossing fire bombs into huts and he could hear families with kids screaming as they were burned to death during the hell on earth monstrosity. Read the AP report on USAToday