Dear Osinbajo, In Addition To “Hate Speech” Here Are Other Things That Are Terrorism


I was excited to read of Acting president Yemi Osinbajo’s tough talk against “hate speech.” I am one who has classified the Acting president as “weak;” as someone too soft to talk tough and walk the bold walk against the enemies of Nigeria and towards our desperately needed progress. And so, even though the subject has been condemned as an unconstitutional gag effort, I appreciate the simple fact that Osinbajo was able to talk tough.

I would like to call the federal government’s attention to other perhaps more important, actively deadly, terrorizing violations that must be likewise harshly condemned. There are various forms of terror and its incitement and facilitation, there is physical, verbal – as underscored – and economic terrorism among other forms.

1. Murdering hundreds of protesting Nigerian youth is terror, regardless of who is the perpetrator, civilian or military.

2. Secretly burying hundreds of Nigerians is terror.

3. Denying justice after the acts above is terror.

4. Concealing looters of money meant for dying displaced persons and concealing those with stashes of millions of dollars in their apartments is incitement and frank terror against the masses.

5. Concealing the names of indicted looter cabal who have made some refunds, in contempt of court order to expose their names, is terror.

6. It is economic terrorism to gift billions of US dollars to Aliko Dangote and other cabal via the FOREX subsidy scam, while robbing and starving the nation of these necessary funds for its survival.

7. Lying to the vulnerable in the northeast about the true state of Boko Haram aides, abets and directly supports and promotes terror against them.

8. The so-called “safe corridor” unauthorized amnesty for Boko Haram terrorists, killers and rapists is a breech of the anti-terror laws and frank terror.

9. The refusal of the government to provide state protection for and disarm so-called Fulani herdsmen and its support of Kaduna governor Nasir El-Rufai’s funding of suspected rampaging murderers is facilitation of terror.

10. The diminishing of available police by keeping them assigned to protect the handful of looter cabal is terror.

For the above listed, I implore the Acting president make stern comment and promise appropriate harsh redress.

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