How to Defeat #BokoHaram insurgency:

Paid and released Boko Haram terrorist

BokoHaram is an imperialist agenda to kill innocent Nigerians, destroy towns & cities & loot resources

For close to 10 years nobody has told Nigerians who is funding d murderous #BokoHaram insurgency that had killed more than 50,000 Nigerians.

The starved & hungry looking #BokoHaram thugs paraded do not have the money to buy 10 bullets. Then who buy the sophisticated weapons 4 them?

The sad reality is that for the past 8 years #Nigeria is allied to regimes that fund & sponsor murderous Wahhabi terrorism, BH is a branch.

In #Syria both the Israeli & Saudi regimes are sponsoring #ISIS & #AlQaeda terrorists. Nigeria is today allied to Israeli & Saudi regimes.

Former President @GEJonathan handed over Nigerian security to the Israeli regime. Israeli Mossad agents supplied weapons to #BokoHaram.

This was the reason why most Northerners believed that the govt of former President @GEJonathan sponsored murderous #BokoHaram insurgency.

The Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari is a long standing sympathizer of #BokoHaram. When they were killed he condemned and complained in past govts.

Today #BokoHaram is killing innocent Nigerians while President @MBuhari is killing peaceful Shia Muslims & dumping bodies in mass graves.

On 27th Nov, 2015 #BokoHaram leader threatened Sheikh Zakzaky & Shiites in a video. 2 weeks laterPresident @MBuhari slaughtered 1000+ Shias

From Dec 2015 to Date President @MBuhari has killed more peaceful Shia civilians than #BokoHaram thugs who are killing innocent Nigerians.

It is on record that Shias have never killed a single Nigerian then why did President @MBuhari brutally slaughtered 1000+ of them in Zaria?

One important aspect of the #BokoHaram insurgency over-looked by Nigerians is the connivance of senior Army officers with the insurgency.

Senior Army officers serving or retired have made fortunes by looting funds meant to fund #BokoHaram insurgency while Nigerians are killed.

The present @HQNigerianArmy chief @Buratai_COAS is a proud Landlord in Dubai, UAE. Thanks to the looted #BokoHaram funds!

In the past #BokoHaram abduct defenseless High school girls but recently they abducted 16 @PoliceNG women & turned them to their sex slaves

If all the problems highlighted here are not solve #BokoHaram will continue to bomb & kill innocent Nigerians, abduct girls & destroy towns.

Harun @Elbinawi
[email protected]