Democracy Luxury; 1 Night in London and 1 in Paris, Veepee Biden’s tab: $1,000,000

Mar. 24, 2013

Vice President Joe Biden’s trip to Europe last month led to a hefty tab with over $1 million for hotels for himself, staff and security for two nights in London and Paris, government documents show.

As first reported by The Weekly Standard, documents show that the U.S. State Department obtained contracts with two five-star hotels in London and Paris where the vice president stayed for two nights during a five-day tour of Europe last month.

One contract was awarded to the Hyatt Regency London for a total of $459,338.65 while another went to the Hotel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand for $585,000.50

While the figure may be eye-popping, a State Department official said these costs are par for the course in high-level international trips as they also include accommodations for staff, security details and military personnel. Yahoo

Also on the receipt was $321,665 for a limousine company.

Bottom image shows room inside the Intercontinental Hotel Paris, while the top photo shows the Hyatt Regency London.
When Vice President Biden travels, more than 100 rooms are booked at five-star hotels in major cities around the world. The top image shows a room at the Hyatt Regency London Churchill, where 136 rooms were reserved for his team, and the bottom image is the Hotel InterContinental Paris Le Grand, where 100 rooms were needed.